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By admin / December 17, 2010
By: Sophia Jacob
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 Wedding planning checklist is a ready to use checklist which is available online. Users can use this checklist as per their preferences. A checklist for wedding planning is a comprehensive list of the tasks that are to be completed in your wedding.

You can refer to different websites and select the best wedding planning checklist as per your requirements. They are based on different timeline. Some websites also offer free wedding planning checklist which can be downloaded. It helps you to smoothly undertake all the tasks of the wedding without forgetting even the small things.

Some wedding planning checklist also contains a wedding budget sheet. This sheet helps you to know the estimated cost of the wedding. It is very useful for assisting you to accommodate all your requirements in the wedding budget decided by you. It helps you to be organized and complete all the tasks before the wedding day.

Here we provide you some important guidelines which would help you to use the wedding planning checklist:

• There are different checklists available for different tasks related to the wedding. Another type of wedding planning checklist is the single checklist available for all the related activities and is categorized according to the time period it is to be completed. Select the wedding list which covers all the items that are required

• These checklists are available in bridal magazines, books or websites

• While selecting the checklist check out whether it is precise and all the required items are present in it

• Once you have selected the appropriate wedding checklist, start filling all the activities that are completed and this will help you to keep track of the activities that are yet to be completed

• The wedding checklist contains columns such as the tasks to be completed, tasks delegated to and completed by and whether it is completed. Just mark the columns as the tasks are completed. The information involved in the checklist would also help you wedding planner to know about the tasks. You should regularly update the wedding checklist as the tasks are completed. Make copies of the wedding planning checklist and provide it to all the people involved in the wedding planning

• You can strike out the unnecessary items in the checklists of your wedding ceremony. It will help you to plan out a backup plan also

Thus, the above mentioned guidelines would help you to make a wedding checklist in the process of wedding planning.

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