How To Stop Thinking About Him or Her

By admin / March 8, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Dreams can be extremely enlightening, so long as you attend to the emotional messages which they convey. A friend was recounting a dream the other day which told a familiar tale; she dreamed that she had bumped into her boyfriend who she had recently split up from, and he looked like a tanned and muscular God.

You know what it's like when you have just broken up with someone and it wasn't your choice. You just can't stop yourself from thinking about them, running through in your mind all of those good times when they were so sweet or looked so try to distract yourself and keep busy all of the time, but find yourself talking about that person at every opportunity. And then you go to bed and toss and turn, seeing their face clearly in the darkness of your room, eventually falling asleep only to find them sneaking into your dreams as well.

At a later date you look back and wonder how you could have felt so bad, but at the time your emotions make you feel ship-wrecked. If you haven't already seen the movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" then I can highly recommend it. You'll see the whole cycle of emotions in the raw, and with a good dose of humour. It feels good to see someone come out of this tunnel of despair and become a stronger person because of it.

There are few people who have not experienced these emotions and we all would have liked to fast-forward through this process. If only you could have that person's face, voice and smell surgically removed from your brain, you'd happily pay to have the job done. You just want to bin that person from your mind.

You can in fact do just this, so long as you know how your mind works. The dream which I mentioned before provides great insight into the mysteries of the human mind and therefore teaches us how to guide our minds in a different direction. In the dream this person was depicted as tanned, tall and muscled; in reality he was lily white and average in most ways. He was seen symbolically enhanced so that he was a magnificent creature, placed upon a pedestal high above the rest of humanity. This of course visually and symbolically expressed the emotions of missing him and thinking that no one else could be as good. He was irreplacable.

When you dream your mind is resolving conflicting emotions; this is the job which dreaming does. It shows us how our minds work, and how visual images can be used to express and enhance emotions. Conversely it also teaches us how you can use a similar process to minimize emotions. This is the flip side of the coin.

If you want to stop thinking about that person and place their memory in the bin, it is a simple process to visualize them in a different way. Instead of making them big and tanned, or cute and beautiful, what's stopping you from shrinking them down in size or turning them into a toad? You could perhaps imagine them in a big balloon with their features all squashed up inside and you able to bat that balloon up into the air and off on the breeze. Another image which works fantastically well is to just crumple them up in your mind like a piece of trash and throw it into the bin.

Your imagination is limitless. There are endless ways in which you can fade out these images of that person who you just want to bin. Once you find an image which appeals, you will be amazed how quickly and easily you can change your emotions and get over that broken relationship.

Hypnosis is extremely powerful in this process. First, it relaxes you and calms you down. Your emotional feathers will be smoothed and your wounds licked. Second, hypnosis provides access to your subconscious mind which is the part that acts automatically. This allows you to more easily change deep rooted behaviors and emotions. Third, you will find that your imagination is enhanced and you more easily create strong and powerful visual images, equally powerful as those which you are aware of when you dream.

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