Good Relationships Make You a Better Person

By admin / January 11, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Human beings do not exist in an individual vacuum any more than the other species of animal or bird who live on this planet. We are social in nature and our basic and primary instinct of survival tells us that we need a mate in order to fulfill that very task.

And as a matter of day to day survival we know that we need more than just that mate to enable an easier and safer way of living. It is extremely difficult, in fact virtually impossible, to survive for very long alone. Solitary confinement is one of the harshest punishments which can be meted out to a human being. We rely on social interaction and approval to feel a positive sense of self.

Relationships are massively important to us; relationships with our spouse, parents, children and associates all contribute to how we feel in our daily world. Good relationships provide a good feeling, encouraging sensations of peace, harmony, well-being and success. When involved in a good relationship it is easy to become a better person; it is easier to be patient and tolerant and encouraging to others.

When you look around you at what is happening in contemporary day to day life in the Western World, you see many examples of intolerance and impatience. I was on a train this morning and overheard the lady in front of me saying that she was unable to get on the previous three trains as she had a suitcase with her and not one single person had made any effort to help or to make way for her. Imagine that! This is a very sad and sorry state of affairs.

In a lot of ways I think this is a reflection of the way in which close relationships and family units have broken down. Few marriages last; few couples remain together. And when you are not in a good close relationship the tendency is to feel lonely and alone, vulnerable and therefore defensive. When you feel defensive you are less likely to reach out to others to proffer a helping hand; instead the tendency is to withdraw and to retreat. You do not have the same store of good feelings which you could otherwise share with the world around you.

The negative impact upon society is great when a lot of people withdraw and become intolerant and impatient. One has to fight those feelings of loneliness and vulnerability. One has to remember that in general what you give out you get back. In learning to be tolerant and patient, you give out good vibes which attract good things into your life, including good relationships. If you would like to attract your soul mate, and keep your soul mate, make sure the vibes you put out are the ones which you would like to be given back to you in that relationship.

Good relationships not only set the scene to make you a better person, the positive feelings which are created permeate throughout the world around you, promoting peace and harmony; a sense of caring and being cared for, being thoughtful towards others and receiving thoughtfulness in return.

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