Do You Love Too Much?

By admin / August 13, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Is it actually possible to love too much? If we consider for a moment love and hate as being opposite emotions, we do all no doubt agree that it is easily possible to hate too much. Hate in any degree is a dangerous and destructive emotion. Hating at all therefore constitutes hating too much.

But love is a positive emotion. Thus I question whether it could ever be possible to love too much. Being afraid to love because you are afraid of being hurt is a survival instinct.

Loving someone deeply who does not return your feelings can definitely give rise to uncomfortable emotions which are hard to cope with. Getting over a broken relationship when you still love that other person can be a very tough task indeed. But does this mean that you love too much?

If you wish to be in a relationship that is deeply loving and close then you will never achieve that state unless you do give freely the love that you would like to receive. To not give yourself that chance curtails the potential depth of your relationships. You in effect have to open your heart to that love or you will not be receptive to it.

I would for this reason argue that you could never love too much. Rather, it is possible to love another person in inappropriate circumstances. Many people "love blindly" in the sense that there is a total imbalance between logical thought and their emotional experience.

Your feelings of love and your craving for love can cloud what you are actually seeing in your relationship. Other people, who stand outside your relationship, can often see those things that you are blind to. But those other people cannot really help, because it is you who needs to somehow find a way to step back from your emotions and allow your more logical mind to play a bigger part in your daily reality.

Many women (and men too) return to relationships that are undeniably abusive. Even when the level of abuse is great they still return. We tend to think of these people as loving too much. I would still say that their love is inappropriate as opposed to being too much.

Hypnosis is a beneficial and therapeutic state of mind to employ to enable you to step back from your emotions and see things from a different perspective. Essentially if you are in a situation where your emotions have taken over to a degree that suppresses logic, then you have to seek a way in wish to redress this imbalance. Hypnosis is easy to use and swift to apply.

Hypnosis is also powerfully effective. You can access your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind, and you can examine instinctive thoughts and behaviors so as to balance your emotional reactions and experiences. You can effectively train your mind to focus and to respond in a more appropriate manner.

Love is the most important emotion in the world, hence the saying "love makes the world go round". Fear should never be allowed to get in the way of giving loving energy into the atmosphere of this world.

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