Why is There a Continued Increase of Divorce Rate in America?

By admin / February 20, 2011
By: Mia Carmel West
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As of 2008, an estimated 40% of marriages end up in divorce courts yearly. Compared to Asian and some European countries, this is considerably high. The percentage or divorce rate America even climbs up for second and third marriages. There are many possible reasons why the number of divorces is so high in the US. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Change in the social mores - These days, there's a lot less stigma associated with being divorced. People don't really have too much of a hard time adjusting back to society after they get a divorce. In other words, getting divorced doesn't really raise eyebrows anymore. In the last few decades, the social mores surrounding how people perceive marriage has changed dramatically. The way divorce is portrayed in the media probably also has a huge part in why divorce is already something socially acceptable to most people.
  2. Changes in the divorce laws - All states in the US have made it easier for people to file for divorce through no fault divorce. The last state to adopt no fault divorce was New York in 2010. Before the state adopted this, one spouse in a divorcing party must be responsible for the dissolution of marriage. They cannot really separate amicably as far as courts are concerned. These days, two people can agree that the marriage is not working out and get divorced without having to prove fault. It's a far cry from how marriage was viewed centuries ago; a sacred institution and an almost unbreakable bond between husband and wife.
  4. Remarriages - In as much as people don't raise eyebrows to divorce anymore, people don't think so much about remarriages either. It has become an acceptable thing and people who get divorced are more likely to remarry. People think that those who remarry may stay longer in a marriage because they've learned more about the relationship from their past marriage. However, statistics show that the likelihood of getting divorced is even higher for people who remarry, thus adding to the increasing divorce rate in America.
  5. Divorces made easy - The internet has revolutionized how people get information. A quick search can lead people to get details on how to get divorced, what to do to make the divorce go smoother, and more. There are also online divorces that help people get a divorce without spending as much money on divorce lawyers.

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