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By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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Looking for legal help? McKinley Irvin, a family law specialty firm in Seattle, boasts some of the top attorneys in Seattle with more than 20 specialties. Several attorneys from the offices of McKinley Irvin were recently named "Top Attorneys in Seattle" by their peers in a major Seattle-area legal publication. The top Attorneys in Seattle at McKinley Irvin handle many complex cases involving family legal disputes. The family law attorneys at McKinley Irvin are some of the best attorneys in Washington, with extensive experience and a client oriented attitude. The Top Attorneys in Seattle at this firm are current with every area of the ever changing family law, and therefore provide their clients with cutting edge representation. Furthermore, they are familiar with a wide range of practice areas in family law, including child custody and support, debt distribution, alimony, third party custody, and relocating with a child. Again, as the top attorneys in Seattle, they are committed to a professional standard that includes attentive and honest consultation. Moreover, the top attorneys in Seattle at McKinley Irvin enjoy wonderful professional reputations within the legal community, earned through professionalism and honesty. Unfortunately, almost everyone finds themselves in need of an attorney at some point in our lives. However it is not always easy to know how to find a good one. The attorneys at MI have made the search a little easier by developing the reputation as some of the Top Attorneys in Seattle. The lawyers who have been named as "Top Attorneys in Seattle' are listed on the McKinley Irvin website ( where you can find other valuable information as well. As if this were not enough, see what recommendations people who know our firm can offer. They will tell you about our professional services, tenacious litigation, and unmatched personal detailing. Hopefully, you will find a McKinley Irvin attorney as the right choice for your family law matter. Our lawyers practice in myriad fields including taxation, financial planning, parenting evaluations, adoption, business evaluation, employment benefits appraisals, and real estate appraisals. While there are a lot of lawyers out there, look at the list of Top Attorneys in Seattle and find what you're looking for at McKinley Irvin. You'll be glad you did.

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