Seattle Divorce Attorneys for Non-Parental Custody

By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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Everyone swears to live happily ever after their marriage, and to securely provide their family with affection and support. But, because of conflicting circumstances or irreconcilable differences, many marriages fail to realize a harmonious life. As disturbing as it sounds, Seattle divorce attorneys will tell you that conflicted marriages often produce conflicts with children. During the breakdown of a family, some parents lose sight on their children's best interests. As a result, sometimes other relatives step forward to take custody of the children when the conflict between parents keeps them from properly caring for them or, worse still, because of abusive behavior. When a relative or other adult takes physical custody of a child, that person may seek the help of Seattle divorce attorneys to bring a non-parental custody action to stabilize that child's life. There are several issues in non-parental custody that Seattle Divorce Attorneys may help clients with. Non-parental custody is granted to a third party (usually, a relative of the child) when the child's biological parents are declared unfit by a court of law, or when those parents agree to allowing custody to a third party. Child support can also be ordered against the biological parents in favor of the third party custodial parent. Furthermore, a residential schedule, devised by Seattle divorce attorneys, may be entered which provides for visitation between the child and his or her biological parents. Without an agreement, it can be quite difficult to receive third party custody since family laws and regulations are quite strict. Federal law recognizes a parent's right to parent as a fundamental right, and overcoming that right requires meeting a high standard of cause. Despite this, the Seattle Divorce Attorneys at McKinley Irvin have appeared in scores of third party custody cases. These Seattle divorce attorneys represent many clients in contested non-parental custody actions where residential schedules, child support obligations, and custodial rights are at issue. They know and understand that the relationship between the child and his or her custodial parent is vital to the child's well being. Hence, they approach their clients' cases with respect, compassion, and ethical concern. McKinley Irvin Seattle Divorce Attorneys have over 100 years of collective experience in Washington State family law litigation. This experience helps them offer their clients tested strategies to mediate and litigate these cases. Moreover, these Seattle divorce attorneys provide some unique litigation strategies when representing clients who are either seeking or defending against non-parental visitation actions.

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