Consulting with a Seattle Family Law Attorney on Child Custody

By admin / July 19, 2007
By: McKinley Irvin
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Child custody is a legal issue in a divorce, invalidity, or legal separation of a marriage wherein children are born. Seattle family law attorneys think about child custody as the parental legal status between a parent and his or her child. Today, the terms "custody' or 'visitation' are often used interchangeably with 'residence' and 'contact'. A court will have to make a custody determination for parent if those parents are unable to agree upon the terms. Under Washington State family law, the court's decision will be based upon several factors designed to consider the totality of the circumstances in each case. These factors vary considerably from state to state, and in Washington are based largely on the best interests of the child. Because judges and lawmakers recognize the difficulty of holding all families—which are each unique entities—to a rigid, unyielding law, child custody law is quite complex. Thus, the help of a competent Seattle family law attorney is indispensable in all custody actions. The established family law firm of McKinley Irvin provides its clients with excellent legal advice for Seattle custody cases through it exceptional Seattle family law attorneys. Each MI Seattle family law attorney is thoroughly familiar with Washington State family law regarding parenting and custody. Each McKinley Irvin Seattle family law attorney will review your case and explain to you its strengths and weaknesses before advising how to move forward, especially in contested actions. In some cases, the court will order a parenting evaluation to help it decide on the legal factors. Generally, such an evaluation involves a number of consultations between the parents, children, and teachers or other relatives who are involved the child's life. Our child custody specialists at McKinley Irvin have tremendous experience with such evaluations, and can counsel you on what to expect. Each McKinley Irvin Seattle family law attorney reviews the details of the evaluation and determines what will likely be an issue in court. Under some circumstances, a McKinley Irvin Seattle family law attorney will also suggest an alternative child custody evaluation, if warranted. McKinley Irvin child custody and Seattle family law attorneys at have appeared in hundreds of divorce and custody cases. The custodial lawyers of this Seattle family law attorney firm focus on the highly emotional content of these custody cases. It is heart wrenching to have your child taken away, and we will do everything possible to make sure that this doesn't happen in your case, while seeking the best interests of the child. We believe there are no better family law lawyers than those at the Seattle family law firm of McKinley Irvin. We combine experience, dedication, and a personal approach to an emotionally sensitive issue in each and every client's case.

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