Basic Steps of the Divorce Process

By admin / February 1, 2011
By: Gloria Cox
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Once you have decided to opt for filing divorce papers, it is necessary to be well informed about the basic steps of the divorce process. This will help you understand the laws of your region and take the right decision related to your divorce case. The divorce laws in your region would basically determine the steps involved in the divorce procedure.

Hence, it is necessary to know the divorce process and the basic steps involved in it. Being aware of these steps will help you to smoothly handle this grave and difficult situation in your life.

Some basic steps which are involved in the divorce process are enlisted below:

• Before filing divorce papers, it is necessary to rethink about your decision. You should also take into consideration future plans and steps that you would like to opt for restarting your life after divorce.

• If you have taken the final decision to get divorced then close all the joint accounts and investments with your spouse. You can create your different individual accounts. This step is necessary to protect your finances after filing divorce papers in court.

• The next essential step is to appoint an attorney, who will give you the right divorce advice and represent you in the divorce case filed in the court. While selecting an attorney, it is necessary to opt for an experienced person and have a good knowledge of the legal proceeding in your region. This will help you to easily cope with the emotional distress and face legal proceedings smoothly which have to be dealt with simultaneously by an individual.

• Collect all the important documents and make photocopies of it. You should also collect the necessary information and documents relating to the properties, loans and debts. Keep these records organized and it will be helpful for you to get them whenever required in the divorce proceedings. These documents would be very useful for your future personal use or reference.

• Once divorce paper is filed in a family law court, it undergoes six important phases. They are filing the divorce petition in the court, taking the temporary orders relating to child custody and spousal support, discovery of evidence, negotiations for settlement, trail in court (in case negotiations have failed)and judgment.

• In case, if you don’t agree with the judgment given in the court regarding your divorce case, you can appeal in the higher courts.

• The time taken for a divorce case varies as it may take several years or only some months. This time span could be reduced only if the spouse agrees on all the terms and conditions.

Thus, the basic steps of the divorce process are mentioned above. It will help you to effectively deal with the procedures of divorce and take the appropriate decisions.

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