4 Simple and Remarkably Effective Strategies to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

By admin / July 14, 2011
By: Ram Gupta
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If you have had a break up recently, you may be really anxious to get your ex girlfriend back. So are a lot of other people out there, and unfortunately, everyone is on the lookout for some secret tip or compelling psychological insight that will help their cause. This is unfortunate because there really are no secret tips to get your ex back, and what works best is the simple things that everyone forgets! Here are some tips that sound simple, but could work wonders to revive your failed relationship.

Staying In Touch

It may be the case that although your girlfriend has broken up with you, she still retains some favorable feelings for you and would like to hear from you. If you think that is the case, it would be nice if you could call her every now and then, and send her messages or emails. However, you need to make sure that you don't communicate so often that you begin to stifle and overwhelm her. Also, put aside emotional conversations and pleas to take you back. If she begins to sense that you are desperate for her, it will completely put her off and you will lose your opportunity to get your ex back. Keep the conversations and emails light and relaxed. All she needs to know is that you still respect her and like her. Gradually, feelings may begin to develop in her once again.

If you have broken up on more bitter terms and you think your ex girlfriend would really like a break from you, back off! Give her time before you contact her again.

You, the Better Man

If she broke up with you, you can't deny that you just don't fit her image of a complete man. On top of this, if she sees you brooding, sulking and desperate right now, she will be even less inclined to revive her relationship with you. So, the best thing right now is to tide over the depression and go ahead and do things that make you happy. That will really improve your spirits and outlook.

Simultaneously, try to work on the things she complained about (and was right about too). For instance, if you are very disorganized in your personal life, you can begin to make yourself more organized. When she perceives the changes in your mood and habits, she might begin to see the attractive side in you once again. If that happens, you will almost certainly be able to get your ex girlfriend back.

Don't Forget the Special Days

Special days may still be special for her. At any rate, you cannot afford to forget your anniversary and any other significant dates in your relationship. Make sure you call her, meet her, plan a date or send her a card, whichever is most appropriate, depending on the dynamics of your relationship. Your anniversary may be the perfect opportunity to bring back old feelings and revive your failed relationship.

Don't Date Other Girls

If you seriously want to get your ex girlfriend back and perceive that there is an opportunity, now is not the right time to go on dates and develop connections and friendships with other girls. If your ex begins to get close to you, but then finds that there is a new woman in your life too, you may miss your only chance.

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