The Passport to Success? It Is Really an Easy Recipe

By admin / February 28, 2007
By: Edward M. Brancheau
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Just like baking a cake, there is a recipe for success and it really is no more difficult than baking cake. There are just some very small simple steps to take. 1. Declare a possibility for yourself like: "I am the possibility of being outrageous and loving." 2. Now that you have created a possibility for your life, stand in that possibility and think about what your life will look like three years from now. Think about what you will have or be doing. To create the next three years of your life, really stand in the future as if you are looking back on what you have already accomplished. 3. Every three months (each quarter), look at your three year goal and create goals for that quarter. For each quarter, create your goals by standing in the future as if they have already happened. You'll notice that we always say that you should "stand in the future as if it has already happened." It's because your subconscious can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Ever wonder why you get scared at the movies? It's the same reason! Similarly, if you lifted weights every single day for three years, would the weight that you are lifting today seem as heavy? This is a key ingredient to your recipe for success. 4. Create a recipe for success workbook, your Unleash Lifelog, to prioritize your actions each week. Failing to write things down is the biggest and most costly mistake that people make. A good memory is a wonderful trait but writing your goals down makes them much more likely to happen because they are now real with a physical form. In fact, it is curious but there are stories of people that have written down their goals, lost their list for years, found it later and realized that most, if not all of their goals had been reached even though they had not seen the list since they wrote it! Essentially, we want you to get that your "word" creates your world. Let's look at a great example. Just a couple of years after the Russians launched Sputnik, President Kennedy summoned the top scientists and asked them how long it would take to land on the moon. Even the most optimistic estimates told him that it would take at least 30 years. After hearing that, in a speech at Baylor University, he said, "By the end of this decade, we will have put a man on the moon!" Even though the most optimistic scientists said that it would take 30+ years, Kennedy made a declaration and it happened in less than 10 years. The flipside of this story is that had Kennedy not made that declaration, the experts' beliefs would have prevailed and set back the space program by at least 20 years. While at the same time keeping you on track with the basics, this structure is key to the recipe for success because it gives you the ability to create infinite intentions, possibilities and goals. Easy and simple! Now, you already have your three year goals set as well as your goals for the next three months. So what do you have to do to guarantee the results you set out to achieve? Just complete your goals in your weekly Unleash Lifelog! Remember, you eat an elephant one bite at a time! Want to guarantee your success even more? Just revisit both your short-term and long-term goals on a regular basis. Revisit your quarterly goals like this: Grab your Quarterly Goals Folder and review your Target and Minimum Intentions. Think about each one. If you accomplished it, congratulate yourself and place a check mark next to it. Now, if you haven't yet completed it but you are 1005 positive that you will accomplish it by the end of the quarter, then write "OK" next to it. Now here's a tricky part. If there is a 90%+ chance that you will not finish it or you are just not committed to completing because it doesn't mean anything to you, then do yourself a favor and either revise it so that you can absolutely complete it by the end of the quarter or delete it entirely (or put a big "X" through it.) Many people view this as quitting or cheating but it is really not. It's just being honest with yourself when you acknowledge that you did not fulfill upon your goal! So, why torture yourself? Recommit now to save yourself from a lot of aggravation and pain of not reaching an unattainable goal. Consider this: setting unrealistic goals and failing to achieve them can be detrimental but setting achievable goals and surpassing them can be empowering. Let's look at one example: you set a goal of losing 20 pounds in 60 days but you discover that it is only healthy to lose a pound a week and you lost 5 pounds in thirty days. Would it be healthy to push to lose another 15 pounds in 30 days? Of course not! Recommitting is not failing or cheating... it's just smart! Looking for the best personal success coach? Visit Unleash Life Coaching for a FREE report and articles. Get an original version of this coaching article; or get other coaching articles.

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