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By admin / March 29, 2008
By: Robert Watson
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Leading psychic reader, John Edward, has become very popular because he is so accurate at bringing information to those with loved ones who have passed over to the other side. For the past seven years he has hosted the television program "Crossing Over With John Edward", where he stands in the midst of an audience packed to the rafters with those who would pay huge amounts of money just to be near him.

He conveys messages for one of the audience members, at times it isn't clear who the message is for until he gives more information on the situation and the reason the entity has chosen to go through him to contact someone on the earthly plane.

John started out with a reluctance to admit he had a natural psychic ability to see and hear those who have passed on to the other side. Family members continued to urge him to use his ability for others. When John finally decided to admit his abilities and use them, he quickly became well known as a psychic reader.

Of course there have been other famous psychic readers who have come before him, and many of them were pretty accurate. At this particular time there are more people interested in the occult who truly believe in the ability to communicate with the dead. The skeptics are still out there and there are those who would try to debunk this ability in a psychic reader. They say that Edward is only about 10 to 20% accurate in his predictions. These same skeptics had to admit, the amount of predictions he gives is far larger than any other psychic.

For someone who did not want to admit having this ability, he is doing a very good job using it to help others. There are also those who believe his act is of the smoke and mirror variety, and involves guessing and getting clues from the person he is reading. Those of us who believe can readily see that John is bringing information from those who have passed on, to help us see that this life is not the end all of anything. Rather many of use believe it is simply another stage of living without being encumbered by the physical body.

John not only hears from the other side he is able to see and describe the appearance of spirits who will sometimes stand near those they are there to contact. If John appears to be confused it is usually because he is receiving a message that does not seem to relate to anyone in the room. As he gives more information about happenings and messages with a bit more detail, someone will recognize a loved one who has passed on and then it becomes clear.

I have seen John conduct one-on-one psychic readings that are on the spot. Doing a personal reading turns out much better than a group situation, as only the spirits interested in conveying a message to that person will be present at these readings.

There are always skeptics, and I am not the easiest person to convince that something is the real deal. From what I have seen and heard, I believe John Edward is on the top of the list of today's leading Psychic readers.

Robert Watson, noted hypnotist and owner of Developing Psychic Powers has trained dozens of students to develop their powers of intuition and mediumship. Visit his Psychic Academy review page to learn more.

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