Cyclothymic depression

By admin / February 3, 2008
By: Jennifer Baxt
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Cyclothymic depression is a depression caused by dramatic mood changes. It is considered to be a form of bipolar II disorder where the patient will at one moment feel highly irritable and then fall into a state of depression. Some symptoms of this depression are, as mentioned above, the person drifts between a highly irritable mood and more energy, and then they will usually fall into a period of depression. The period of depression is where the person will suffer constant mood swings, sadness, have changes in sleep patterns and eating habits, worthlessness, and fatigue. The person may also appear to slow down in thinking and response. The period where the person will have more energy will exhibit signs of irritability, appear to be more hyper in speech and in their activities and appear to have more focus on their activities than before.

What causes cyclothymic depression is not yet entirely understood; however, research has shown it to be a mood disorder that could be a result of the genes a person may inherit. As is true with many types of depression, there is still a lot of research being done on depression to find out more about it. Even though some people might be suffering the same type of depression, their symptoms differ as well as their treatments. The causes of depression also tend to differ from person to person.

Despite the fact that depression is not yet fully understood, more is being found out about depression every day through the research that is being done. New treatments and therapies are being developed for patients all the time and many people are being successfully treated by these methods. Of course, no one can help a person suffering depression if the patient does not seek help. Anyone who believes they might be suffering from depression should consult a therapist or a counselor as soon as they can. Only a therapist or counselor can properly diagnose the type of depression and then properly treat the patient. There is the option of online therapy for people who don't like to go into doctor's offices. There is also the option of phone therapy. While these two options are great ways for someone to ease into the idea of asking questions about their possible condition or seeking advice, going in to see a therapist in person is probably the best of all three options. The reason for this is that the therapist will be able to speak with the patient uninterrupted and will be able to read the patient as they talk. It can aid the therapist in better understanding what it is that the patient is suffering from and this will help the therapist to recommend the best options for treatment.

Depression is not something that should ever be ignored. It is a real condition that many people suffer from every day. Many people who have gone in to get help have successfully been treated and are now living better lives as a result.

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