Yes, You Can

By admin / July 6, 2009
By: Carol Rongey
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Economic recession, wars, unemployment, foreclosures, crime, government bailouts, illness, taxes, the list goes on and on. Everywhere we turn today, from the news to conversations at our favorite coffee shop, negativity and bad news surrounds us. If it hasn't affected us directly, we're afraid it will soon. It seems hopeless. No wonder there is an increase in depression today.

Does life have to be like this? NO! Sure, sometimes things happen to us that we have no control over, but how we prepare for them and how we handle them is up to us.
Don't be dependent on your doctor and your local pharmacy for your health. The first key to being healthy is to take care of yourself today, instead of getting sick, taking medications, and getting sick again because you didn't make any changes in your lifestyle. Your doctor can't make healthy choices for you, but Yes, You Can!
Everyone is concerned about the economy today, but sitting back and complaining about how our politicians are handling things isn't improving your personal economy at all.
Give yourself an economic stimulus package by having multiple streams of income. Having a side business that brings in a few hundred dollars a month can not only help with your monthly expenses today, but could easily turn into a full time business should you get laid off from your "day job". A benefit of home-based businesses that many people are unaware of is the numerous tax benefits of having a business that you run out of your home. Can you really make more money? Yes, You Can!
Look for ways to cut your expenses any way you can. Educate yourself on different types of mortgages so you can discuss your options with your broker and decide together what is best for your situation, do not just take his/her advice blindly. Another big expense today is insurance. Auto, health and life insurance together can cost hundreds of dollars each month. Learn how much coverage you really need. Learn about ways to reduce your premiums. Research different insurance companies. Can you reduce your monthly expenses? Yes, You Can!
By now you're probably asking yourself how you can be an expert on so many different subjects. You don't have to be! Learn enough to ask specific questions of those who are experts. Learn enough to let the experts know that you are knowledgeable about their subject and if they can't answer your questions to your satisfaction, you will find someone who can. Learn enough so you are making decisions, not letting someone else make them for you. Can you gain this much knowledge? Yes, You Can!
How? By reading this article, you are using one of the best sources of information to educate yourself on endless topics that will improve your life and your lifestyle: the Internet. With the information available on the Internet today, there is no excuse to sit back and let life happen to you. There are websites on any subject you can think of. A good starting place is a site like that contains information on many different subjects and directs you to other sites with more detailed information on a topic that interests you. Can you find the information you need? Yes, You Can!
Don't get caught up in the negativity that is all around you. Decide today that you have the ability to make things happen in your life. You can make things different. Yes, You Can!

Carol Rongey is a self-employed, home-schooling mom. Carol and her husband decided years ago that they did not have to be victims of the decisions made by others, but set out to educate themselves so they could make informed decisions for themselves. They are also helping others make informed decisions with the website They are both self-employed and their two children are working with them in their on-line businesses.

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