Where Shall I Get Motivation For My Life?

By admin / August 1, 2011
By: chandan das
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Everybody knows that life is uncertain thing, what will happen in future nobody can say. But in this short period of time everybody wants to do something new, somebody wants to income money within short period of time, somebody wants to do something new thing or somebody wants to do nothing in his/her life. People do many thing to get his/her dream.

In maximum cases people need motivation to get his/her dream. But my question is ringing inside my brain is that: What is Motivation and Where Shall I Get It? I took many time to finding the answer of my question, but finally I got it. According to my knowledge and research I got these answer of question.

What is Motivation?

By searching internet I got many answer of this question. Some common definitions are:

"It is reasons which engage human in to particular behavior like: emotional maturity, pleasure & pain continuum etc."

"Attempts to be as happy as possible in life and achieve something or you can say to make some goals"

"It is process which is used by boss in company to get work from employees"

But all the definitions are not workable for me, what I understand from the reading that "the thing which has been used to get goals in a simple way whatever it is good or bad way, it doesn't matter is called motivation". I do not know whatever it is right or wrong but what I understood I just shared it with you.

Where Shall I Get It?

After resolving previous question that was "What is Motivation?", Now it is big task for me to find the answer of this complex question. But did not give up and found some answer which is follows:
"First of all I want to tell that you can get motivation anything whatever they are human or animals etc., because I previously said that the things which take us towards our destination is motivation.
Our first motivation starts from our parents especially from father and mother after that other person from family or relatives.

Second one is our friends. In my life friends motivate me more than my family. I can say here that whatever I am writing over here just because of their motivation.
Third motivation from great man, whom we call role models. These role models encourage as well as motivate us to do something good in life. People just follow their footsteps and like to be them in future.

Final one from my side is animals like "ant". From ant you can learn that how does a difficult work become easier through unity."

I know that these definitions and explanation is not enough for you to describe what is the actual meaning of motivation? but this article can give you a simple basic idea. If person get his/her goal by following this article then that person can says that "this is a motivation, which change my life".

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