How To Make Your Job Worth Getting Up For

By admin / March 13, 2012

What makes your job worth getting up for? I was chatting with a friend yesterday who had a slightly jaded look about him. His response when I enquired as to what was up with him was that he just wanted to retire. He was fed up with his job but it was a still a financial necessity. In his words he "likes his toys and holidays too much" to be able to retire.

Later in the day I caught up with another friend who needed a temporary job whilst waiting to go to qualifying school for the European Tour in a few months time. I knew he'd been looking for something flexible and I asked if he'd found anything. "Yes" he replied, but before I got a chance to say "that's great" he added "the worst job ever - Pizza delivery".

He too had taken the job due to necessity. In my mind I would have said it wasn't a bad job for a budding golf professional who needs a lot of free time during the day to play and to practice. I can also appreciate that his university education didn't exactly encourage him to think that he might become a "pizza boy" and enjoy it.

Inevitably there are a lot of people who end up in jobs that they never expected to be in, or jobs that they have not found a way to enjoy, or in employment that they have stopped to find positively challenging or enjoyable. Even so, if you are in a position that means that you need to remain in that place, you are going to feel a whole lot better if you stop fighting it emotionally and focus upon making the most of it.

When you are feeling blue about anything in life you somehow need to be able to flick a switch in your mind and focus upon the good bits. What can you do so as to focus upon your job in a better way? What can you do to perceive your job in a lighter and brighter framework?

The first step is accepting that this is how it needs to be for now. If fighting your situation emotionally isn't going to change your situation, then you need to put down your negative weapons and surrender to your position. Just this one shift in attitude will make you feel a load better about your job and you'll be more willing to get up in the morning.

A willing employee is a better employee. A willing employee is also a lot happier and enjoys life a lot more. If you are going to do something you may as well do it with graciousness and a smile upon your face. The hours of work pass way more quickly, and if you are in a business that involves tips or recommendations, you'll earn a lot more money.

That of course is the bottom line. If you are in a job which you don't like you are in reality there for the money. You may as well earn as much of that as you possible can. That in itself should put a smile upon your face.

Hypnosis is a very helpful tool to use when you find it hard to make a focal shift. It's natural and easy to use. With hypnosis you can access your subconscious mind which is the part where instinctive and automatic thoughts and behaviors are stored. Thus if you feel the need to shift up a gear hypnosis makes that movement easier.

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