How to Hypnotize People – Building Rapport

By admin / February 24, 2011
By: James Ark
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If you want to learn how to hypnotize people the first thing you have to do is "absorb attention", or build rapport. But not just any rapport - "hypnotic rapport".

To some extent everybody knows how to build rapport. We all know how it feels when we just "click" with certain people - feeling on top of our game when we're around them and getting the sense that we've known them our whole lives. In essence, rapport just means a "close and harmonious relationship in which two or more people understand each others' feelings and ideas, and can communicate well".

Unfortunately, the process of systematically cultivating this much-needed skill is nonexistent. Most people just leave the process up to chance, while others think that the best practice is to just be nice to someone, perhaps complimentary, and to seek out common interests or experiences. While these methods do work, they are still rather shallow and aren't able to build that real connection that "hypnotic rapport" does.

With hypnotic rapport, you actually facilitate a trance state in the other person in which they are completely at ease with you and feel a deep sense of trust and connection.

There's no need to "match and mirror" or employ any other shallow techniques to make this work (in fact, used inappropriately, these can have a damaging effect on rapport). Instead, it can be as simple as maintaining eye contact, occasionally breaking rapport, providing open ended questions (more on that below), and visualization.

To elaborate, try this the next time you are engaged in a conversation with someone:Intentionally leave pieces of information out of your description of things in order to leave questions in the listeners mind. For example, instead of bragging about your porche by shoving all the cool features down everybody's throat, you might say: "Well, so I was at a party and I offered to give some people a lift, but sadly I only have one spare seat in my car. It's only a two-seater. So I really couldn't give everyone a lift."

You see? This way people will ask follow-up questions and be more actively engaged in what you have to say. This actually creates an experience in the other person where they feel inclined to take the active role in trying to develop rapport with you!

But before you go out and try ANY rapport building technique in an attempt to hypnotize somebody, be weary of these 6 common mistakes:

1) Being nice to the point of it interfering with the process of
communicating feelings and ideas.

Simply because it shuts down true, open communication.

2) Trying too hard.

You don't want to subconsciously send out signals that you're too desperate.
You shouldn't do it for the same reason you should avoid the first one.

3) Wanting something from somebody else too much.

The example that comes to mind is a pushy car salesman. People just tend to run away when they're being chased. The solution to this is something called 'fractionating rapport'. Fractionating rapport is a more advanced technique that will require further study, but for our purposes what you're doing is building a little rapport and then backing off. Then you'll build a little bit more rapport, and back off, etc..

4) Lack of genuine interest.

Again, this comes down to sending out the right subconscious signals to the person you're communicating with. If you're disinterested your body language and general presence will reflect that.

5) Playing the wrong role in a relationship.

You probably know that you need to be flexible in order to maintain a healthy relationship, but what you may not know is that this flexibility reaches into the role or "status" you are in any given exchange. One day you can be higher/
superior/agressive and the next you can be a lower/passive role. Of course, our main goal is always to get on top of the leader poll, but you're never going to get there if you're stubbornly dead-set on projecting an aura of authority and dominance to everybody you come across. Sometimes, with similar-minded people, it's best to take a more subtle approach in started on the bottom and working your way to the top.

6) Developing "deep rapport" as opposed to "wide rapport"

What this means is that you don't want to connect on just one level in a single context. You want to connect on as many levels as possible in as many environments as possible. We all know that teacher we had that we ran into one day at the supermarket (or any other casual area) and felt incredibly awkward just because your interaction seemed so out of place. That's exactly what I mean.

Hopefully this short introductory article on one of the fundamentals of earning hypnosis has been helpful. Try and put these strategies into action to the best of your ability and see if they help your communications at all.
I'm sure they will! They've proven wonders for me.

My name is James Ark and I am the author of the site How To Hypnotize People. On my site there's no fluff or BS: just my story about how I learned to hypnotize people, why I learned to hypnotize people, and some simple tips and strategies that you can employ right away. So Click here to check it out.

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