Conquer your habits—–Conquer your world

By admin / April 23, 2007
By: John Muller
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There is nothing more powerful in the life of a person than their personal habits. Your habits decide the destiny of your life,what you do and how you do it .Your personality,your character is the sum of your habits

If you try to slip away from work or if you try to avoid any work as far as possible ,or if you overspend regularly ,these habits will be to your detriment in your personal as well as in your business life. People who regularly work long hours,or are more thrifty in their spending do not find it a hardship. The power of habit has established this as part of themselves.. They do it without thinking negatively. The same applies to people who have the habit of working intelligently and who habitually encourage their staff members or fellow workers


Your habits also play a large part in your personal relationships .How often we exercise,what we eat and what we do with our spare time .If you are the victim of bad habits it is time to conquer your habit and get rid of them

The moment you conquer a bad habit,new and more useful habits start to appear .These are your greatest allies. Once they are established,it is relatively easy to keep them going.. The power of habit is in the way every habit maintains itself. Their is no need to re-invent it daily -or at all.

Try and make your nervous system your ally instead of your enemy .You must make automatic and habitual as many useful habits as you can. A habit is only good if it supports a goal that will be beneficial to you or your family or your community.

Habit is defined as "the intersection of knowledge,skill and desire".If that is what habit is ,it sounds like a good recipe to get started on as soon as possible. You need knowledge when starting out. If you start a business or work for somebody else you need skill,and you must have the desire to succeed. Together this is a powerful combination.

GK Chesterton put it very well when he said"I do not believe in a fate that falls on men,however they act, but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act".

Your fate is in your own hands and useful habits are going to help you win.They support action ---and by taking conquering action this is what is going to take you where you need to go

John Muller is a retired entrepeneur living on the east coast of South Africa.

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