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By admin / August 5, 2011
By: Sandra Markcrow
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Isochronic tones are specially produced sounds that are designed to allow your brain to resonate at a certain frequency. By listening to isochronic tones which are played into both ears simultaneously, allows the meditator to enter into difference states of consciousness. These states can be that of relaxation, meditation or even cause you to go to sleep. An isochronic tone played at a rapid tempo, causes the listener to enter into higher frequencies. Whereas a slow tempo creates low frequencies.

Isochronic music can be listened to without using headphones and is more effective at brain wave entrainment than any other form of meditation music. Isochronic tones on their own tend to be very unsettling for the listener. Hence are often incorporated into gentle soothing music.

In our everyday lives we experience many different frequencies of brainwaves corresponding to our experiences of life. For example: When we are stressed, our brainwaves typically cycle at 40 hertz. If you were to play music that was cycling at 10 hertz, your brainwaves would slow down matching the music’s frequency. This is a form of brainwave entrainment; with practice it allows you to adjust your minds frequencies to suit our every day life challenges.

The frequency range of our minds can be anywhere between zero and a hundred cycles per second. In the low range 0-4 cycles per second, this is a state called Delta. Typically in delta mode we experience deep sleep without any dreaming. Theta is next with a range of 4-8 cycles per second. In this state we experience dreaming associated with rapid eye movement when sleeping. It is also often experienced during hypnosis or deep states of meditation. Alpha brainwaves 8-12 cycles per second we would be experiencing a state of relaxation. It is associated with daydreaming and the release of the feel good hormone serotonin. Beta Brainwaves are experienced in a state of wakefulness. Its frequency is 12-34 cycles per second. It is a state of engagement, focus, learning and creativity. In the low ranges of Beta we are typically experience concentration and alertness. However in the higher ranges it is associated with feeling of anxiety, stress and inability to concentrate. Gamma brainwaves are considered the optimal mind state. Cycling at 34-100 cycles per second. This state is associated with compassion, higher brain function and greater states of awareness.

Isochronic tones can alter our brainwaves and effectively allow us to experience altered states of consciousness. We can train our minds to recognize these frequency ranges as discussed above and enter patterns which are beneficial to our well being.
Not only do these tones alter our brainwave frequencies, they also have a positive effect on our bodily functions. They dramatically slow down our heart rates, reduce blood pressure and boost our immune systems. Many of the Isochronic music cd’s available are designed for specific outcomes. Such as reducing anxiety, reducing stress, improving sleep patterns and can help with depression. There are many other Isochronic therapies available.

I have experienced a profound effect by using Isochronic tones and use them regularly in my day to day life to improve my states of mind. I would recommend you try Isochronic tones for yourself. There are many websites available that allow you to sample a range of selections for free. Try before you buy is always the best option.


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