What Is The Law Of Attraction And How Does It Work?

By: Enigma Valdez
Category: Attraction

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction means that like things attract like things. Science has established that every thing in our universe boils down to energy or frequency patterns. You could even say that everything is a wave of movement at its core. This includes your feelings, thoughts and personal beliefs. So like frequency waves attract similar frequency waves. When dealing with the Law of Attraction, you start to realize that what you think, feel and believe sends out a magnetic signal throughout the entire universe that forms everything around you to act in line with the things you think and feel. Is The Law Of Attraction Real? So if you think that the Law of Attraction is not real or that it doesn't work, then you will experience things that will validate that belief. If on the other hand, you believe that it does work and it is real, then you will also experience things that will validate that belief. If you believe that you will have to work hard and struggle to get ahead in life, then that is what is going to be in your reality. If you believe that you can't trust people and that everyone is out to get you, then you will experience events that will validate that belief. Now this may sound very simple, and really, there's a little more to it than just believing. Most people get confused with this principle as they say that they have believed in the Law of Attraction but some how things still didn't work out for them. I am not speaking of your superficial or conscious beliefs but also the deeper rooted unconscious beliefs that are what I call "invisible". These beliefs are so subtle and so much a part of you that you may not really be aware of them. These can be brought out by being open to the thoughts that cross your mind during the day when you are awake. Not all thoughts will always be positive, but by being open to the thoughts that are negative you can start to examine why you have them. The key is to stop judging yourself and how you think and feel. I know, a lot of self improvement gurus tell you to just think positive, but sometimes that causes more harm than good. You want to be open to all your thoughts so that you can take the negative ones and find out what is going on deep inside. Dig Deep - Discover How You Really Feel This is what I call "digging". By digging you can get to the core of what you really believe. Sometimes your deep beliefs will not make sense or be logical. By using your conscious mind to reason and think, you can start to change that so that you can harness the Law of Attraction to manifest things that please you. The Law Of Attraction is much like a radio receiver, whatever the strongest signal is, that's what is going to play out in your life. This is not some "hocus pocus" or "magic", but it is common sense. Whether you call it Law of Attraction or something else, the basic life principles just don't change. Repeating affirmations, breathing a certain way, listening to kits and tapes, making vision boards only get you so far. The key to making the Law of Attraction work for you is YOU. You make it happen. You don't have to learn how to use the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction has always been working and will always continue to work for you. It's simply changing your inner frequency (your deep seated thoughts, feelings and beliefs) so that now you will receive more of the things you consciously want. You can find out more about the Law Of Attraction by visiting http://enigmavaldez.com/Free_NewsLetter.html

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