The Fundamental Laws of the Universe

By: Chris Morris
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The recently-released movie The Secret has prompted a lot of talk about the "Law of Attraction", something which many people have known, perhaps subconsciously, all their lives: that is, what happens to us and how our lives turn out are not just the result of random events beyond our control.

Despite the chaos which we may see daily on our television screens, there is order in the Universe, and fundamental laws which govern its operation and the unfolding of human lives.

Although the mechanisms at play may be hard to understand, most of us appreciate that the existence of physical laws such as gravity and magnetism.

In addition to these physical laws, there are a number of metaphysical laws which have a great influence of our lives and happiness. The Law of Attraction is in fact a secondary law, and there are a number of primary laws which have an equal if not greater influence on how things turn out for us and the degree of " success' we achieve in life - however we define it.

These laws have been studied by teachers and masters over the years, and amongst those with the greatest insight is the 73-year-old "elder statesman' of personal development, Bob Proctor.

He was greatly influenced by the classic books Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles and went on to devote his life to studying, developing and teaching these important principles.

Partly as a result of this, Bob Proctor was one of the main teachers featured in The Secret, but, as I have discovered, he has a lot more to say than he was able to in the movie.

He has been able to develop a set of tools which enable anyone to actually make these fundamental laws work for them and produce wealth, fulfillment and happiness. I find Bob very easy to understand, and his ideas make a lot of sense.

The essence of what he has to say is contained in a new free report. I highly recommend you download the report and you'll quickly see how the ideas within it can enhance your life and the life of those who are close to you.

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