Secrets of Law of Attraction: Is It Real?

By: Franklin Esmur
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You probably heard of “law of attraction” when surfing the internet for self-help topic, reading books about self-improvement, or watching the movie “The Secret”.

The “law of attraction” states, That which is like unto itself, is drawn. In another word, you are attracting the experience by the thought that you are offering. You may create poor, illness, and stress to yourself if you are thinking about these negative thoughts all day long. However you can also attract money, health, love one, and happiness if you think about positive thoughts.

Does It Really Exist?
The question is: Is the law of attraction real? Or it is just an idea that people make up in order to boost their confidence and get them through the obstacles that they are facing. Well, this article is created in order to answer this question.

Everyone believes in the law of gravity. Why? Well, there’s an obvious proof. When you take a book and drop it from the tallest building in New York, it will fall down to the ground. There is no exception.

How’s about the “law of attraction”? Some people argue that the “law of attraction” does not exist; because when they try to think about money, new car, new house, or whatever they desire, these amazing things never happen to them or they may experience the opposite to what they wish for.

Let’s look back to the example of dropping the book. To say the “law of attraction” does not exist that mean saying the law of gravity does not exist when the book is not landed in the specific spot that you wish it to land.

Here’s another example. A parachuter jumps from the airplane; he intends to land at the red circle on the ground. However, instead of landing on that mark, he lands on the bushes 500 feet away from the red circle. You cannot say gravity doesn’t exist because the parachuter land on bushes instead of the red circle. Gravity does exist; it just that he didn’t utilize gravity correctly to do his landing on the red circle.

Similarly, the “law of attraction” does exist! However, most people don’t use law of attraction correctly to attract the things that they want in life.

Why “Law of Attraction” Does Not Work For Me?
Think about the time when you tried to attract to yourself a new car by forcing your mind to think about having new car and driving it. But instead of getting a new car, you got a ticket by driving so fast on the freeway. Then, you wish to have a new house. Again, you gave thoughts about getting a new house. After a few weeks, you got bills and debts from the current house.

These experiences repeat themselves over and over again. You wondered if the law of attraction exist, why can’t you have the thing want to attract?

The answer is: Yes, the law of attraction does exist as explain above; the reason you can’t get the thing you want because your mind is always in the state of conflict. When you deliver positive thoughts, these thoughts go in the conscious mind. And when they become strong, they will cause a change in subconscious mind. However, your subconscious is usually embedded with full of negative and conservative thoughts from parents and society (for example: you don’t deserve it, you can’t do it, money is bad,…). Again, these thoughts occur in your subconscious mind, your conscious mind is not aware of it.

When your conscious and subconscious minds agree, your wish and desire will be answered. There is no exception.

Just Feel It!
So how do I get my subconscious mind to agree with my conscious mind, you may ask?

One way to do it is through feeling. Remember, your subconscious mind is functioned by feeling and emotion. When you wish for a new car, feel the joy of driving it. When you desire for a new house, feel happy, proud and secure that you are living in your dream house.

And so, simply by paying attention to the way you are feeling, you will know, at all times, the direction from which your powerful magnetic being is attracting the subject of whatever you are giving thought to.

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