Why You Should Follow Your Inner Wisdom

By admin / January 16, 2011
Roseanna Leaton
Roseanna Leaton
By: Roseanna Leaton
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We all have what might be termed an "animal instinct" or "gut feeling", although the majority of us pay scant attention to it. This is a shame, because those instinctive feelings tend to be extremely accurate preceptors.

This built in ability which we have dates back to the era when man lived in caves and had to live off his wits for survival. Intellectual learning was not then as highly valued as the ability to detect danger or to be a good hunter. The latter attributes required a keen ability to sense even the minutest changes in the nearby environment. This gut instinct became hard-wired in the brains of the human race and was passed down as a highly desired adaptive trait.

We see now that animals still have this instinct. We hear of many examples of this. Horses or dogs will sense when a person is anxious and scared. You really cannot "bluff" them into believing that you are confident and relaxed when you are not. Elephants will sense a tsunami as it begins its approach and will run to the hills.

We do still have a similar natural ability to be so perceptive; it is just that in the modern day world we do not have to rely upon it so much as a basic requirement for survival. It has lost its primary importance. But it is still very advantageous.

Those who take the time to focus upon these natural abilities will be richly rewarded. We might not need to be able to "smell" a change in wind direction or the presence of a lion or tiger, but it would be rather helpful to be able to "smell a rat" within the human species. In this day and age we do not tend to be faced so much with physical dangers as opposed to emotional ones, and so we need to be able to use apply our "gut instinct" within this arena instead.

The ability to re-focus our instinctive ability to detect danger towards sensing emotional predators is one which we can all learn. There are many examples of two-legged predators; some reside within the office, whilst others may even live in your own home.

You may have watched the movie "Sex and the City Two", and noticed how long it took Amanda to realize that her boss was in fact an emotional predator. Wouldn't it have been nice if she had been able to work that out earlier? How might things have been different if she had been able to sense that aspect of her boss when she went for her interview? I'm sure many of us can relate to this scenario and when we look back we do realize that our gut instinct had been correct way back when, but we chose to ignore it and rely solely on our logical intellectual mind instead. Bad choice!

In close relationships we do exactly the same. We all too easily see what we want to see instead of paying attention to our more sensory perceptive gut instincts. We get involved in relationships because we so want to be in a relationship, and want to see the good in others and we become good at making excuses or thinking that we can "fix" them, and so on. And all this time our senses are screaming at us, telling us that it's not right, it doesn't feel right.

In reality we have to learn to pay attention to both our intellect and our gut instincts; both have valuable things to say. To ignore one or the other places us at a serious disadvantage. Often the real issue is a lack of confidence in our instincts, a lack of trust in ourselves. But confidence and trust in your own inner wisdom can be learned, and this process is made a whole lot easier with hypnosis.

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