What Are YOU Missing Out On?

By admin / January 18, 2010
By: Roseanna Leaton
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I don't know about you but I seem to come across a lot of people who feel as if they are missing out on something or other in their life. Perhaps they are dissatisfied because they have missed out on a promotion at work, or because the current economic climate makes it seemingly impossible to obtain a mortgage. For others they feel as if they are missing out because the weather has been cold, windy and wet, or because they aren't in a comfortable relationship and so do not feel they have anyone to share things with or to go places with.

Dissatisfaction abounds! What has happened to the attitude of our grandparents' generation which centered around acceptance and fortitude, saying "thank you" and being grateful for what they had, instead of focusing upon what they were not able to have? It seems that our attitude has managed to flip from one end of the scale to the other.

This of course is often the case. We reach a point where we just stop and make an about turn in many things in our lives. Somehow it is easier to make an extreme change as opposed to making a more minor modification to attitude and behavior. Underneath the surface, seeds of discontent may have been taking root and spreading, often unacknowledged and unaccepted, until suddenly a young seedling shoots up above ground and the world never seems to be the same place ever again.

The world has changed! That is what we think, and yet in reality we do know deep down that the world has not changed; it is the same place as it was before. Instead it is you who has changed. You are seeing the world with new eyes.

It is interesting that once we make a radical decision for whatever reason, what used to look black can now be very clearly white, and vice versa; what may have seemed impossible before, can appear to be far easier; things which you laughed at and ridiculed others for in the past you now find yourself doing. The ability of one's mind to make such drastic changes in perspective and also in beliefs is awesome when you start to think about it.

What is even more awesome is that simply by seeing something differently, or making one radical decision, you liberate yourself to act in a very different manner. By changing your thoughts and attitude you in fact change your entire experience of life.

The moral of the story is of course that you are only missing out if you think that you are. And if you really, really do feel that you are missing out perhaps it's time to do something about it? The reason I say this is that I have come to understand that out of the millions of people who purchase self-help products or attend empowerment seminars (and I do mean millions of people), only a very slim percentage actually use their products or their new knowledge to good effect.

I think that it is fair to say that this indicates one of three things:-

1. that these people didn't feel that they were missing out sufficiently so as to motivate themselves to make changes in their attitude and their lives, or

2. they did not really believe what they were reading or hearing, or

3. they did not feel confident enough in themselves that they could make things work for them

Surveys of whether or not people believe in the product/seminar would work for them indicate that pretty much everyone who purchased/attended did indeed believe that whatever it was would work, so we can eliminate the second of the three reasons above.

For those people who do not have sufficient motivation, then this probably means that life is pretty comfortable for them and they do not really feel that they are missing out too much. But if the third reason applies to you, and you do not have sufficient confidence or self-belief, then you really con do something about it.

Hypnosis is an effective way of accessing the inner workings of your mind and changing the thoughts which are most prevalent and instinctive. Remember how we said before that it is amazing how suddenly that seedling can pop its head up above the ground and then the world is never the same place ever again? This is what hypnosis downloads can do for you.

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