Living Your Dream – Making the Law of Attraction Work FOR You.

By admin / August 21, 2006
By: Trevor Emdon
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You're born, then you die. Those, apart from taxes apparently, are the only two certainties about your life. No one tells you why you were born, (they may make a big secret of how, and a big fuss on every anniversary of when, but no why or wherefore is ever forthcoming). As for the end, that's a complete mystery. Nobody can tell you when that will occur, nor how, and not even especially why. Above all, they can't tell you what will happen to you afterwards. It maybe nothing for all eternity, which I believe is quite a long time. Or there may be choirs of angels, virgins, or reincarnation awaiting us on the "other side." It's not much of a deal really, is it? The only thing to do, it's always seemed to me, is to make the absolute most of this unknown but brief amount of time bracketed between the two events, called your life. And yet, most of us don't. Discounting the unfortunates sleeping rough or victims of some heinous crime or hideous disease, (and I don't discount them lightly), the vast majority of folk have their cake but don't eat it. How many people do you know who wish they had a better or different job, or who complain endlessly about the relationship they're in, or cheat on it? Or who put an astonishing amount of energy into telling everyone how wrong some other party is, be it their neighbour, son or daughter-in-law, the government or God. Finally, regardless of their circumstances, they wish something was different. When all else seems well with their world, there's always the weather to moan about. In my "umble opinion, it's not so much that such folks really do want things to be different, it's more that they wouldn't feel they were worth a jot of interest from anyone else if they didn't moan! To be fulfilled in life, we must come to a place of peace within ourselves. That doesn't mean accepting blithely a bad hand if that's what we've been dealt. It means taking responsibility for that hand and getting a re-deal. You cannot change the world by moaning about it, nor will you induce happiness or peace by blowing it up. The way forward is to find the courage to follow your heart - wherever it may lead - find your dreams and build them, share them, regardless of the odds. The difficulty for most people comes when following the dream leads to disappointment or even disaster. That's when fear sets in. We refuse to do it again in case the worst happens and we settle for a compromised life. Negativity takes over. Fortunately, it can be overcome and it's not as difficult as you might imagine. Begin by noticing that the Universe works perfectly. The world keeps turning. Birds, with brains smaller than golf balls, remember to migrate and know exactly where they're going. Flowers bloom in the spring, (tra-la!) Your nature is no different. Your body knows how to digest food, produce millions of new liver cells every second and grow your fingernails - all without the slightest interference from you! The laws of the universe don't stop working just for you, either. Gravity, (as your bathroom scales will remind you!), still works for you. And so does the Law of Attraction! Overcoming your own doubt and scepticism is the issue here, not whether things work! The first step on that path, (and it's not a long one), is noticing what works rather than the more common practice of focussing on what's broken! (To read more about making the Law of Attraction work for you, please visit my blog: A journalist, I've heard, asked Roy Disney, brother of the late Walt, how he thought Walt would have felt about not seeing Disney World. (Walt had passed away before it was opened). Roy turned to the reporter indignantly and replied, "It was precisely because Walt saw all of this that we're standing here today." I still am not sure what happens to you afterwards. But I am sure that the reason you're here is to follow those dreams, and live them, as Tony Robbins would say, with passion. =====================================================================================

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