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By admin / January 3, 2009
By: Keri Norley
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I woke up this morning feeling so amazingly happy for no reason. AND, I had actually tossed and turned in my sleep for most of the night, which is frequently the case these days, as I am pregnant.
In any case... I woke up glowingly, ecstatic. I eagerly went to my computer to find the good news sitting in my inbox that I had received a mentorship with an amazing copywriter that I am very excited to be working with.
The email wasn't there... After days of waiting in gruelling anticipation to hear the choice that he makes, I knew it would be at least one more day to learn what I already know in my heart. I then carried on with my day with massive smiles on my face and a huge grin in my heart.
Have you ever had days that no matter what happened, nothing could bring you down? For no particular reason at all...
Do want to know the secret to having these kind of days frequently happen in your life?
Years ago I took a course in which I studied the mindset of Billionaires. In the course, one of the most crucial pieces I took away from it, was that every single one of them lives in the "attitude of gratitude".
I thought I knew what it was like to be grateful. I thought that I already held that belief. Little did I know that gratitude could go so much deeper than many people allow it to.
I chose right then and there to take on the "attitude of gratitude" and my life has never been the same since.
I watch so many people walk down the street with frowns and heads down. As a coach, I listen to my clients be sad and mopey and miserable over little things. When I look around I just see so much unhappiness these days.
When I walk down the street, I usually smile as I walk by people and give friendly waves. Everywhere I go I can see beauty in the area, in the person, in whatever. It is so easy to find the things that are good. It is so easy to be grateful.
Some days, I feel like my heart may explode with the feeling of gratitude that I have for everything that I have in my life.
Please bear in mind... I don't have a lavish lifestyle. I live in a small unit with my husband and we have two cars that are starting to fall apart. We rarely go out for nice meals together, and usually cook delicious foods at home. When we go for little holidays, we frequently camp or manage to find cheap accommodation. We truly live quite a "basic" life as far as Western culture is concerned.
With all that being said... I LOVE MY LIFE! Do I want more? Heck Yeah! Am I constantly striving to improve myself and my business so that I can take my lifestyle to the next level? YES!
The key is to be grateful!
Only a few years ago, just before doing the course on billionaires, we had weeks that we weren't sure how we would pay the rent. I looked back at our finances then, and wonder how we even ate the wholesome food that we did. I guess somehow we managed.
Since taking on the attitude of gratitude, I have grown my business from no coaching clients to working with an average of 34 people per month! Most coaches would dream of having that many clients. I have incredibly beautiful relationships with my family and friends and truly I wake up most days incredibly happy.
I sit outside on my balcony, eating breakfast looking at my glimpse of the ocean, and thinking how grateful I am for the life that I have.
The more gratitude that I truly embrace and the more that my heart pours out the joy and happiness and gratitude that I feel, the more that I receive. I receive clients, money, friends, amazing business contacts, etc. It's like a plentiful, flowing tap that I have turned on. Generally speaking, if I ask, I shall receive.
The more gratitude that I embrace, the more that I receive!
I don't know if you believe in God or the universe or something bigger than yourself. Whatever you want to call it or however you look at it... I believe that the universe rewards you for being grateful for what you already have. AND... it won't give you what you aren't ready for!
If you don't even appreciate what you have got, why would it give you more? If you don't manage your money, why would you get more? It will just be wasted, because you don't know what to do with it.
If you don't respect your relationships with those around you... why would it give you more people to deal with and not appreciate?
If you want to have more, appreciate what you already have!
You know how partners, friends or family can have really annoying traits, that no matter what you do, they keep doing that same annoying thing. Be grateful for those little annoying things.
My husband leaves his pear cores and other scraps out on the kitchen counter. Instead of getting mad and annoyed... I now giggle and laugh. It's a habit that he has that is just a part of him. I am so grateful to have him in my life. and that is part of who he is... so I embrace that too. Give it a go and see what a difference that alone makes in your relationships.
Start looking all around you and all the wonderful things in your life. Focus on what is great and you will create even more greatness!
Be like the billionaire and live in the "attitude of gratitude"!
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