Are You A Mischief Addict?

By admin / September 27, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Some people are addicted to excitement, fun or mischief. When I say mischief I mean a little more than regular excitement or good old fun.

A person who is addicted to fun is always looking for a laugh. Mischief in the sense I have in mind here should also be distinguished from a pure adrenalin thing; it's kind of like always wanting to push boundaries and do things that you know you aren't meant to do.

You most frequently hear the word mischief used to describe a child who is always getting into things that they are just not meant to be getting into! It is a phase that children go through. Without it, a child would inevitably remain more timid and shy than if they had tested those boundaries, pressed buttons and stretched their comfort zones. As time passes, those boundaries usually become better defined and less mischief is gotten into.

You might think that getting into mischief gets you into trouble. You are usually correct. You might also assume that this is a negative result but this is not always the case. Getting into trouble has a potentially positive outcome; it gets you a whole lot of attention as well.

People get addicted to mischief because of the positive benefits that they perceive. If the outcome were purely negative then you would not become a mischief addict. If mischief has become a major way in which you get attention then that potential benefit may outweigh the pain of getting into trouble.

For some it may be a case of any attention being better than no attention. For others it may be a desire to be the center of attention. And so a mischief addict who wants to change would need to look into why they need this level attention, and seek alternative ways in which they could fulfill this need.

The addiction to mischief may have started as a way to camouflage a low sense of self-esteem or self worth. If this is the case then one might question if mischief still fulfills this need or whether in fact it is no longer relevant or necessary.

You may now feel confident and happy in your world and no longer need excessive attention to boost your self-esteem. But if mischief is used to boost your confidence, then you could look for alternative ways to do so; Ways that do not have the simultaneous negative affect that is inevitable when one constantly gets themselves into trouble. Hypnosis is one easy and effective way in which to build your confidence.

It could be that seeing yourself as a mischief-maker has become part of your own sense of self and it is simply a big part of how you see yourself. Again, if this is the case, and you also want to change this deep-rooted belief, hypnosis can be a great help.

Hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious mind where inner beliefs about yourself are stored. With hypnosis you can reflect upon these beliefs and expectations and change them more easily than is otherwise possible.

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