Listen With Your Eyes and See With Your Ears

By admin / August 21, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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When you shut down one sense the others are provided with more focus and attention and they will thereby be enhanced. In language you will often hear phrases used with promote one sense or another.

A beautiful painting might invoke in you a whole range of sound as well as visual pleasure, giving rise to the suggestion that one might "listen with your eyes'. Similarly, when listening to music you might be encouraged to "see with your ears".

In addition to seeing and hearing what is really perceived by our eyes and our ears, we also see and hear a whole range of pictures and sound which derive within the theatre of our minds. We create an enormous variety of pictures, soundscapes and movies every day, which play inside our minds and are neither freely visible nor audible to others.

Our imagination is a wonderful thing. The ability to visualize and imagine is inherent within us. Fear stems from imagining something that is perceived as negative happening. Horror movies use dramatic music and scenes to trigger in us, the viewers imagination, far mare that what we are actually seeing.

If we did not have an imagination all that we would see would be the outline of a television and each snapshot as it played out on the screen; all that we would feel would be based upon what is happening in that movie in real time, without any notion of anticipatory fear.

Many people think that they do not have good imaginations. This is in fact highly unlikely. Perhaps they cannot imagine the things that they want to imagine. That's very possible. Perhaps too they do not really see things in a visual sense, but instead hear or feel things.

We all have the same basic ability to visualize and imagine things. The power of imagination is truly amazing, though not all of us develop and direct this natural ability to our best advantage. This is I suspect unintentional, because anyone who realizes the potential benefits of focusing their imagination would do exactly that, so long as they knew how to do so.

Listening to stories as a child is probably the first training our minds have in using our imagination. From there on there are many different ways in which our imagination is put to use. Watching films and listening to music are everyday triggers to ones imagination.

We know that donning headphones adds extra focus and therefore emotional reaction, when listening to music. Watching a film like Avatar in 3-D adds another level of focus too. These enhancements aid ones imagination and hence ones emotional reaction.

Your imagination is easy to trigger and easy to lead so long as you wish to do so. A further way in which one can add additional focus, and therefore effect, is to employ hypnosis. When using hypnosis you shut out outside distractions and focus more sharply in your inner senses; it is almost as if you have donned both head phones and 3 -D glasses to hone in your ability to focus and visualize.

With hypnosis you can therefore quickly train your mind to imagine more easily and visualize more sharply. When one appreciates that imagination is more important that knowledge (a point which Einstein made, amongst many others) you will also see the true value which hypnosis offers.

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