A Short Cut to Mind Training

By admin / August 23, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your mind to do exactly what you would like it to do? For the majority of people, to have absolute and complete focus upon your goals at the drop of a hat is recognized as a pretty useful asset. Most of us know how we would like to think about things and how we would like to feel about things, but in reality our minds sometimes go off at a tangent.

The fact is that our own minds do not always do what we might wish. This can be the cause of frustration and at times great consternation. It can be the cause of extreme anxiety, anger or even failure. The effects created by a lack of mind control can indeed be both wide-ranging and enormous.

There are many different parts of the mind. We think logically and creatively and these aspects of mental ability spring from different areas of the brain. We have a long-term memory store and a short-term memory store. These again reside in different parts of the mind. There is a difference too between imagination and knowledge.

To control your mind, you need to take into account these various sub domains of mental activity. You need to find ways in which to entrain the whole of your mind and not just one small segment. Although we often hear that imagination is more important than knowledge, you do need a basis of both to be able to achieve success.

If you think of your mental abilities as spokes upon a wheel, you will immediately see that to ignore one spoke and allow it to rust or break off would affect the wheel's ability as a whole. It would have the same effect as trying to drive a car when one tyre is flat. The ride is neither smooth nor comfortable and you are unlikely to reach your destination. Not only that, as one wheel limps along the other wheels are affected too, and very soon the entire vehicle breaks down.

If you were to read the Wikipedia entry upon the subject of imagination you will see said that imagination provides meaning to experience and understanding to knowledge. This is one demonstration of how the functions of each part of the mind interact with each other and depend upon each other so as to achieve overall cognition.

Hypnosis allows you to gain access to your long term memory store and to your creative abilities. Hypnosis also has the advantage of sharpening your focus and cutting out would-be distractions. Hypnosis therefore provides a short cut for anyone who wishes to train his or her mind in a holistic manner and ultimately achieve success more easily.

Successful people use all the resources available to them, both external and internal. They use all of their mental sub domains together to focus in an aligned manner upon their goals. Everyone can see and appreciate the power of this combined mental focus. Everyone has the ability to do just this and hypnosis makes the process easy.

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