Famous People Afraid of Flying

By admin / May 27, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Anxieties and fears are to most of us like blemishes which we are slightly ashamed of and therefore we do our best to cover them up. Well, that's how it used to be. I have to marvel at how times have changed. There has been a tidal wave of people "coming out" about one thing or another. A realization seems to have hit the world - that there is no one correct interpretation of what is normal, right or good. We each are individuals and as such we differ in our own unique ways, whilst at the same time understanding that we are all human beings traversing this life on a learning curve which is both parallel and intertwining.

We used to hide our anxieties for fear of what other people might think; they might declare us abnormal, or weird in some obscene way. And on the other hand, when detecting a fear in someone else, we would shy away from it, afraid perhaps of the chord of recognition felt deep within our own soul; afraid that if we allowed ourselves to dwell upon another's fears our own might bubble up to the surface and begin to beat in harmony with that fearful rhythm.

I was intrigued to find on the internet (wikidumper.blogspot.com) a list of well known people known to have a fear of flying. Isaac Asimov, Dennis Bergkamp, Kate Bush, Gene Clark, Elisha Cuthbert, Doris Day, Brandon DiCamillo, Aretha Franklin, Jackie Jensen, Tony Kornheiser, Stanley Kubrick, Kim Jong-Il, Matthew Sweet, John Madden - these people are all quoted on this blog. And they have let the world know about their inner fear. Fears are no longer blemishes to be hidden; they are instead to be recognized, and this is right and good.

The first step in dealing with anything is in its recognition and acceptance. If you do not recognize it you can do nothing about it; if you do not accept something then you expend all of your energy in trying to run from it, and in so doing you conversely give more and more of your energy to the very thing you are trying to run away from! There is no point in running. Running away is what builds mountains out of molehills.

There is a popular phrase "feel the fear and do it anyway"; I would suggest an amendment to this - "feel the fear and this allows you to find a way to enable you to do it". By saying to yourself "yes, I am afraid of flying" you can then move on to the next question, namely "how can I overcome this fear?" If you were to think instead, "I'm not really afraid", then you can never reach the next question - you will never get past go and collect your £200 or equivalent!

How can you overcome your fear of flying? You will find many possible answers to this question awaiting you in books, newspapers and on Google. I may very well be biased, but I'm a firm believer that hypnotherapy is the best course of action. I am a hypnotherapist and that's why I say I'm biased; But I do have 20 years experience of assisting people in relieving this fear...and when you live on a small Island where flying is pretty essential in this day and age, I can assure you I've had a lot of practice!

No matter what your fears are, be they big or small, do not run from them; as you turn and look those fears straight in the eye, you will find a way in which to overcome them. And who knows, you might overcome a fear of hypnosis at the same time! (You can get a free hypnosis download from my website if you like.)

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads to help you to overcome your fears.

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