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By admin / May 27, 2009
By: Teena C. Nesbit
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The result of the recession that has taken into hiatus since early months of 2008 has spread even to the employment arm of the business sector. Just a few days ago, there had been a staggering increase in the number of Americans filing for unemployment and several hundreds of thousands of these filings have already been compensated by the government. Even the President accepted in his weekly address that the unemployment rate that the country is experiencing today is the highest since the last economic depression happened during the Nixon time. This effect resulted to massive decline in employment and high competition among job seekers.

The payout of the unemployment benefits or claims is just part of the economic adjustment that the government is doing. Other adjustments are very critical and observable as for the case of the bail-out plan that was made into law before Bush ended his term and the stimulus bill which was enthusiastically pushed by President Obama for passing. Though it can be viewed that these government interventions are partly relative and effective, it can also be said that such interventions are basically temporary and may take some time to completely realize. As for the case of the unemployment claims, people may have something from the government to jumpstart and temporarily alleviate their situation but this can never help in the long run. Still, a decent and stable job is a requisite even this time of recession.

However, is it still possible to land a job amidst this financial instability where competition is high and employers are very scrupulous? Yes. In order for businesses to continue and that the investors will not lose their money they are going to wisely look for employees which would be an asset to their company. Employers might be stricter in hiring employers as they are thinking of preserving every penny of their investment into a positive gain. They may conduct background checks to applicants to ensure that they are hiring clean and qualified applicants. But the employment thing greatly depends on the applicant. Here are some tips to land at the job you wish for.

1. Build up your identity by creating a very convincing comprehensive resume. Make sure that you present your qualifications and your edge among others. Act professional in any way including sending emails, answering calls, and even sending snail mails. Observe the proper ethics in applying and in the interview.

2. Clean up your past messes. Because more and more employers and companies are depending on the background of a person in deciding to hire or defer an applicant, it is apt that you have a clean background. To make sure of this, conduct a complete background check over the internet and see if there are discrepancies in your public record. In case you find one, immediately file a petition to correct errors or consult a lawyer for that matter.

3. Be mindful of your virtual world. Too often, people use the internet to express themselves. As proof to this is the growing number of social network sites, blogs, and other freebies over the net. As much as possible, do not ever make yourself so public in the internet which you may think could pose a negative perception on you. Pictures of you smoking or drinking at the bar may not be an appropriate thing to post. Be mindful of the opinions you post in comments and as much as possible, use pseudonym to hide your identity.

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