Caressing Is Comforting

By admin / July 10, 2011
By: Roseanna Leaton
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Whether its making love or just a simple hug a human touch has a very soothing effect on the psyche. In fact, for touch to be comforting it does not even always have to be human.

Stroking a dog or cat can have a very calming and comfortable effect as well. Even stroking a soft furry blanket can sooth our emotions, perhaps as we instinctively associate with the cuddly toys we were so fond of when we were younger.

The benefits of a really good massage go far deeper then simply loosening knots and relaxing our physical muscles. What is just as important, if not more so, if the powerfully pampering effect of human touch.

As babies we were picked up and cuddled or rocked when we cried and also many other times too. Children need cuddles. Studies have shown that this is a need that we are born with; without cuddles, eye contact and touch babies become listless and do not develop as quickly as they would otherwise do. In fact the terrible truth is that some babies did not survive being deprived of these essential elements of life.

It is not only babies that need cuddles and touch. Adults are also needy in this area, and we find the benefits of touch in a greater variety of ways.

We might make love, or cuddle up with our spouse on the sofa covered with a fur blanket. We might stroke a dog behind its ear or pet the cat as it purrs comfortably on one's knee. We may go for a massage or hold hands as we go for a walk.

But we can also be touched through near proximity or through sound or even through our own imagination. If you listen to a guided meditation or self-hypnosis recording which begins with visualization to relax each part of the body in turn you will feel as if you have had a mental massage.

Certain tones leave you feeling as if you have been caressed. Whether listening to a hypnotic recording, classical music or an opera singer this effect can be clearly felt. We can be touched by music or touched by a beautiful voice.

Many people underestimate the power of touch and the human need of it. But when you go without it even for a short period of time, you do indeed notice its absence. As an adult we can find varied ways to achieve the benefits of touch and some of the ways are mentioned here in this short piece of writing.

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