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By admin / July 5, 2011

PsyD programs provide practice-based coursework that prepares students for practice as counseling psychologists. PsyD training differs greatly from PhD in that the former prepares an individual for careers as practicing psychologists, whilst the latter emphasizes on research within an academic setting. As such, PsyD programs are a better alternative for psychology students who would love to advance their education on medicinal practice in contrast to lab research.

The American Psychological Association (APA) provides certification not only to PsyD programs but also PhD programs. There are different types of APA certified PsyD programs available for individuals who would like to earn their degree. Take a look at the APA website to check out a list of APA accredited programs.

The following are admission requirements for a majority of APA certified PsyD programs:

* A GPA score of 3.00 or higher.
* Official transcripts from colleges and universities attended.
* Letters of recommendation from present or previous professors.
* Completed and signed application form. This is to be accompanied by the appropriate tuition fee prior to the set deadline.

Admission prerequisites may differ from one institution to another. Nonetheless, a majority of APA accredited PsyD programs require that the applicant submits at least the above information before being considered for admission.

How is a PsyD Program Structured?

One unique benefit that PsyD programs have over PhD is the program duration. A PhD program in psychology takes approximately 6 - 8 years to complete, whilst PsyD programs take approximately 4 - 7 years to complete. However, this depends on whether the student is full-time or part-time. As such, a majority of working professionals opt for PsyD programs over PhD given that it offers them more flexibility in terms of timing. Furthermore, class offerings depend on the actual program emphasis. Most curriculums will have main classes on research as well as assessment, with most of the time spent in practicum modules. Generally, these are hands-on training whereby the student works hand-in-hand with the patient whilst under the guardianship of an experienced psychologist.

Whilst thinking about PsyD vs PhD programs, there are certain factors which one needs to take into consideration. For example, the student’s coveted attention, future career objectives plus the amount of time an individual can devote to the program. PsyD training is undoubtedly a better option if:

* You would like to spend your time in school concentrating on clinical practice rather than research.
* You are interested in pursuing a career as a practicing psychologist, dealing one-on-one with patients in contrast to academic settings.

PsyD Programs Online

In case you are not able to go to a conventional college or university, there are several PsyD programs on the internet which you can take and still earn your degree. PsyD programs online have the advantage of offering individuals flexible timings to get a degree. In addition, online PsyD programs offers individuals both academic and research experiences which correlate with practicing clinical psychology. Basically, online degrees are excellent if one has to deal with earning a degree alongside other things such as career and family.

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