5 Tips For Panic Attacks That Will Put You In The Driving Seat

By admin / July 17, 2009
By: Crystal Graham
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Everyone that suffers from panic attacks are susceptible to them at any time and in any place. Panic attacks vary in severity and can make you feel helpless, exhausted and feel totally out of control. Many sufferers believe that there isn't a cure for their suffering but assistance is available. The next five tips for panic attacks will assist you to prevent or minimize the effects of any attack:

Tips For Panic Attacks One Understand The Cause

Attacks start due to fear. Usually this is irrational fear and panic is sparked by a situation like being on the top of a tall building or making a speech to a crowd and the likelihood is greater if such a situation has initiated an attack previously. Naturally, a lot of panic attack sufferers will try to avoid situations that they know trigger anxiety but sometimes this is impossible. By avoidance they are actually strengthening the fear. People can beat their and this is key to understanding why you get panic attacks.

Tips For Panic Attacks Two Have Knowledge Of Your Panic Attacks

If you are a panic attack sufferer, you need to learn as much about the attacks as possible. Acquiring an understanding about your attacks means that you will be aware of what your system is going through and this can help reduce the seriousness and the number of times that they start. Be aware as well that a panic attack will not stop your heart beating nor will it prevent you from breathing and it won't cause you to go totally crazy and relinquish control of your mind.

Tips For Panic Attacks Three Your Body Can Help

When you feel a panic attack building up or if you are in the middle of one, you can reduce the intensity by implementing a straight forward relaxation method. Loosen the tension in your shoulders and focus on the muscles in your body. Where you feel tension in any muscle you need to tense and relax them slowly. Try to make this in time with slower breathing.

Tips For Panic Attacks Four Exchanging Your Thoughts

This is a little more difficult to master but should be easy after a little practice. Monitor the thoughts that are in your head just before and during an attack. These thoughts are responsible for the attack and you can exchange them for more calming and peaceful thoughts. You could focus on positive thoughts like panic attacks are treatable and that you definitely won't die as a result of them. One method that is very effective is to have thoughts of gratitude. Who are and what are you grateful for? If you can focus on this for a period of time it can stop the attack completely.

Tips For Panic Attacks Five Distract Yourself

This is related to tip four above and a number of people believe this to be easier. If you are feeling an attack starting then have a conversation with someone about a neutral topic like the weather, or something you are interested in. Engrossing yourself in a hobby or pastime that commands your attention will significantly reduce the possibility of panic starting. Listening to your favorite music will help or just start singing. Just do things that will distract your mind away from the fear you are feeling.

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