What do men and women want in a love relationship?

By admin / August 28, 2011
By: Ernest Quansah
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When recent polls asked what men and women would most like in their relationship, the resounding response was happiness. Is your love relationship a happy one? If it is not, then what exactly is a happy love relationship? This article tries to answer this pressing question. It will teach you how you can be guaranteed that your love relationship will bring you happiness.

As relationship advisor, I often hear men and women say they are happy with their love life. Behind closed doors, however, the same people who say they are happy with their love life admit that they are not. For many years, I have heard people say that although they are unhappy with what they have, it is better than being alone. Women, in particular, say it is too difficult to find a good man. Certain steps are required to find the love relationship that will make you and your partner happy.

Here are five simple steps to help you find the happiness that eludes you.

Step 1. Acknowledge that you have not been successful at relationship. This is key, because admitting that something is not right automatically programs your brain to bring about change. Denial, on the other hand, will keep you making excuses.

Step 2. When you have acknowledged the truth, you are now ready to finally succeed. Begin by finding love in the right places. What I mean here is a change of habit. I have put some of my clients through this process, and the result has been very rewarding for them. It also brought me much joy to know that somehow I have helped them find happiness.

Step 3. Seek your love relationship with the right person, your twin soul or what I call your soulmate. Here is why. Twin souls are two people who were created for and with each other in mind. They are parts of each other. This is why people may feel alone even if they are in a love relationship if it is not with their soulmates. Your soulmate was created by a higher power, and it is only this higher power who can lead you to the person.

Acknowledging this is a very important part of recognizing your soulmate. Because if a higher power created a twin soul for you the same higher power has created a way to bring the two of you together. This is so very important, I cannot stress it enough. I have gone through the process myself and know this from personal experience.

So you have met a love interest, are dating or even in a relationship. You must do your part to recognize if you are each others soulmate or not. After that the next step, step 4 is the most important part of the process if you want assurance that you and your love interest were created for each other and that the relationship will work.

Step 4. Wait for a confirmation. When two people meet, the only way they can know they are soulmates is by receiving a confirmation. Confirmation comes in a variety of ways. Because soulmates were created for each other by a higher power, the same higher power will give you a confirmation. To make this point clear, I will ask you to see yourself as a mother. You have several cups in your cupboard. You ask your child to bring you a tea cup. Your child goes into the cupboard, where there are many different kinds of cups. The child takes one cup and brings it to you. You, the mother, will know whether your child has brought you the right cup. You then confirm the childs success by letting the child know the cup is the right or wrong one. Likewise, your higher power will let you know if your man or woman is the right one.

Step 5. Finally, you must do your part. A higher power created a soulmate for you and will lead you to your soulmate and give you a confirmation when the two of you meet. The rest is up to you. It is important to understand that it is up to you to accept or not accept your soulmate. It is up to you to date, to meet people, and so on. And no matter what you may think, there are simple and effective ways of meeting the right person.

Let me draw upon the story of Adam and Eve to make a final point. When they were created for each other, after partaking of the fruit of the tree, Adam was displeased with Eve. Adam had the option of not accepting Eve as his twin soul, but Eve told Adam that, if he did not accept her, he would be alone.

The secret here is to understand the word alone. Without your soulmates love, you will feel alone regardless of how handsome, beautiful, rich or famous you or your lover is. Understanding this is very important, because it will put you in the right frame of mind to go about your love life in the right way. Good luck to you!

 Ernest Quansah is a Soulmate Relationship Expert who helps men and women find their true love and create the relationship of their dreams. He is the author of How to Identify Your Soulmate, a love relationship advice manual designed to help people find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships. For more information about his services, please visit http://www.soulmateinfoserve.com.

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