When Do You Decide Enough Is Enough?

By admin / January 2, 2010
By: Melissa Curry
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When it comes to deciding ones path in life, you have to consider if the life you create is one filled with purpose.

My hope is for you to realize, that we ALL have the choice whether or not to follow our purpose.

I understand that life can "get in the way", and that can deter you from following your passion (your purpose). I know that just as much as anyone. But I also now know the more I go away from my purpose, the more I am unsatisfied (as well as those around me).

When I say those around me, I mean those who can benefit from my works of passion. There are people out there, businesses out there, that are seeking solutions (answers) that only you can possibly create! Did you know that? This universe is united by collective purpose, passion and creation.

Not following your passion or purpose is conflicting with that unity. It is as if we are rejecting the fullest potential of blessings because of fear of failure, fear of social rejection, fear of unseen obstacles and all the like.

So the first thing to consider (and discover) is what you have been created so magnificently to do; to seek what you are best at, what you are passionate about, and then move forward with full force. Nothing stands against burning desire.

I wont sugarcoat it though. It will not be easy. You will want to quit. You will feel defeated. You will see barriers that seem too great to overcome. You will question whether or not this was the right decision (to believe you can do it). But the key is to know those are just thoughts! Its just an emotion and that temporary emotion will never stand against a persons life purpose!

You will know when you have discovered what lies inside you. You will know your asset to this world, and what you can give in your lifetime, when you answer this question correctly -

As it pertains to your true purpose, when do you decide enough is enough?

When is it ok to give up and move away from that purpose? The answer is never. No matter what, no matter when, no matter who, the answer is never.

If you can envision the journey, know that it will be uneven. But nothing in this world that is of any worth has not been worth fighting for. It is not as much as the journey itself, but the person you become as you work toward the life you are so destined to be blessed with.

I have always said, success does not recognize failure, it doesnt know any quitters; it cant hear negative comments and it doesnt understand "I cant." When you are ready to know that you deserve to live a life fulfilled with purpose, then you understand the caliber of person you are going to be molded into.

Your destiny is calling.

Be a light

Melissa Curry

Melissa Curry
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