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By admin / December 31, 2009
By: Roseanna Leaton
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I was chatting with a young couple the other day and it was clear that their goals were at cross purposes from one another. The young man wanted to save up and buy a property to rent out and then save once more and reinvest in property to let, and so on. His main focus was to step upon the first rung of this ladder and to climb it as quickly as possibly no matter what it required of him.

The young lady also wanted this to happen...when she looked at circumstances from a logical perspective. But her heart was not at one with this logic. Emotionally, she was feeling lonely and adrift. She missed her family and friends and didn't like where she was living. This was not her dream, and yet logically she wanted to share this dream and I'm sure she in a way felt that she "should" participate in this dream. She knew that the financial opportunities which they had where they were living at this time were simply not available if they were to go back home.

We have all met couples who are faced with a similar dilemma. We have all faced many situations in which logic tells us one thing and yet our emotions tell us an entirely different story. It is easy in hindsight to look back and understand that you will not be able to achieve your dreams unless your heart is in alignment with your logical desires. Success requires passion and clear focus. To have your own emotions scratching away at your sense of purpose makes your task far too difficult and impossible to reach.

In contrast, when your emotions and your logic are aligned the tunes which you hear in your inner mind are very harmonious indeed; symbols no longer crash and bang. Instead you can hear a whole symphony of harmonic sounds which make you catch your breath with joy. Your spirits lift, you move to a fluid and easy rhythm, and everything seems to come together just as you expect it to do. When logic and emotions are working together everything is so much easier; everything takes less effort and it is far more enjoyable all at the same time.

We are often in two minds about things and it is easy to get into a rut which you do not know how to get out of. At such a time, hypnosis can come to your rescue. Hypnosis provides a state of mind which relaxes you and allows you to take a step back and align your logical and emotional perspectives. Hypnosis overcomes confusion and allows you to really see what you want to see, and to focus clearly upon your dreams.

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