The Law Of Attraction

By admin / February 2, 2008
By: Daniel Grissom
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You attract what you do about what you think. - Daniel Grissom We've all heard of the Law of Attraction. It says, you attract what you think about. But, do your results in sales and leadership support this definition? Mine have not. Hey, I thought about getting straight A's during my school days and having the physique of a body builder, but neither happened. Why is that? It's because The Law of Attraction is a misnomer. It's really The Law of Attraction, which is a combination of attraction and action. You don't attract what you think about, but you attract what you do about what you think. The key is action! And when you do take action, you must give your best to attract the best. Think about it. Likely, when you aimed for an A+ in school you got that result. But, when you aimed for a B+ or less, you got an incongruent result. Why is it that only A+ standards produce congruent results? First, it's because when you dont give your best, the universe reciprocates by giving you a substandard result. The universe rewards excellence and reproves average initiative! It's just that simple. Consider the parable of the talents. Here's my paraphrasing of this biblical story. Once, there was a Master who entrusted large some of money (talents) to his three workers. The Master gave these talents according to the ability of each worker. The Master expected each worker to invest these talents and maximize their potential, while he was away. What happened? When the Master returned he discovered that only two of the workers developed their talents. He was pleased. The 3rd worker, who "just thought" about taking action and giving his best, was severely rebuked. Why? It's because he failed to take action. He failed to develop his God-given talents. Could you be sitting on your sales and leadership talents? This was unacceptable to the Master and this worker was thrown into utter darkness. And, his talents were given to the other workers that had taken action. Do you get it? Although, the 3rd worker thought about taking action, he attracted rebuke because of his lack of actions, not because of his well-meaning thoughts. Second, it's because the universe is inviting you to step out of your comfort zone. What's a comfort zone? It's a place that you go to relax and sometimes fall asleep. The universe presents you with a substandard result because it wants you to wake up. It beckons you to expand your comfort zone and step up. The universe knows that the comfort zone is really the danger zone because it's suppressing your God-given potential. Third, it's because the formula for "achieving excellence" is clearer than that for "achieving average." In other words, the requirements for transformation (your best effort) are clearer than those for modification (your second best effort). Think about that for a minute. Have you ever tried to lose two pounds, but then struggled to decide what you could eat or do to achieve this goal? But in comparison, when you decided to STEP UP and lost 10 pounds, the do's and dont's were crystal clear. You see, transformation is an A+ standard, which produces excellent results. But, modification is the equivalent of a B+ standard, which produces average results. In summary, the law of attraction commands you to raise your standards, take action and unleash your potential in sales and life. The universe demands you step out of your comfort zone. It invites you to STEP UP! About the author: Daniel Grissom works with executives at blue chip companies including Google, IBM and Eli Lilly. He developed the STEP UP! system - a simple, logical and exceedingly effective methodology created from experience inside the guts of world-class corporations. Visit Step Up or email

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