How far can we go with natural treatment of bipolar disorder?

By admin / January 31, 2008
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Could bipolar disorder treatment be as simple as boosting vitamins and minerals?

Of course, bipolar disorder is not something to take lightly. The most regular bipolar disorder treatment involves a regime of drugs to be taken to balance your moods over the long term. The inability to break down chemicals in the body due to a deficiency in an enzyme called COMT is one objective finding I have found useful in explaining to patients why they behave or react certain ways. Those who have daily or day-to-day mood swings often have food allergies or hypoglycemia. Some cases of mild bipolar disorder that involve mild mood swings can be easily treated with adequate doses of B6 and Zinc.

Natural treatment of bipolar disorder means recognizing its place in our society

For some medical practitioners, trained in traditional psychiatry to medicate manic-depressives, the treatment of bipolar disorder is seen as a natural problem over a medical phenomenon. Sometimes, by medicating a personality type, we lose a lot of great minds and creations. Just think of all the historical geniuses who would fit the bipolar mold, and if they were living today, they would be medicated out of creating. As some physicians naturally treat children with mental trouble, I have found that many of them can be controlled with a sugar free diet. So take note when bipolar disorder is diagnosed, to incorporate natural treatment of the disorder into your natural treatment plan. It takes a long time for the family to make this adjustment, but it does work.

Western inteventionalist medicine can cause bipolar disorders and imbalances

Although when considering natural treatment for bipolar disorder, you need to consult closely with medical practitioners, it is important to be aware that some cases of bipolar disorder have been caused by imbalances caused by medicines. As a result, there is now a Bipolar IV Disorder. That is, a patient who has an adverse reaction to a medication, such as an antidepressant and exhibits signs of mania, therefore, is labeled bipolar. If this person never had this medication, they would never had this experience, nor would they have the diagnosis.

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