The Law of Attraction in Action

By: Vin Andella
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The Secret, is a movie that talks about the law of attraction and manifestation. It hit the shelves in 2006 and sales are still going strong today despite never being offered to the movie theaters the secret has became an all time instant hit.

It starts out with a woman who is down on her luck and everything that could possibly go wrong is whirling out of control, her life and the things she had worked on for years seem to becoming to an abrupt end. With nowhere to turn and funds being low, she is sinking in to a severe case of depression.

One day she received a present from her daughter, a book written almost one hundred years ago. She put the old book aside but in the back of her mind she kept thinking about it and wondering why her daughter wanted her to have it.

Little did she know that the old book contained a secret that was passed down from generation to generation and within its pages she found the teachings about universal laws that can be combined with the law of attraction to produce an unstoppable life changing serendipity effect.

After studding the law of attraction, she began to apply the principles to her less than perfect life. She wondered if the laws could stand the test of time and still work flawlessly in this day and age. She was determined to turn her life around for the better, so every day she used the law of attraction until it became second nature to her.

The different between laws and theory is: laws work the same way every time where as theory seldom produces the same result. The law of attraction works the same way and produces the same effect for whoever practices it and it doesn't matter who you are because it works for everybody.

The old book contained the secret of the wealthiest people throughout history. Only one percent of the people knew the secret law of attraction and didn't want to share, so they did every thing in their power to protect it allowed them to prosper while the other ninety eight percent of the people had to struggle and work.

Since reading that old book, her life has changed dramatically for the better. If you search the internet for The Secret her website should appear on the top of the list, give it a visit and watch the twenty minute clip from the movie, it's amazing.

There is only one problem: they don't tell you The Secret they just talk about it.

I spent endless hours searching the internet trying to figure out what the secret is and how to put it to use in my life. Then, one day, I uncovered the resources that actually explained in great detail The Secret and how to apply it to your own life. I found exactly what I had been searching for and couldn't believe my eyes, at this point I was compelled to construct a website in an effort to share the true universal secret of the ages with the entire world.

Vin Andella has been a web and marketing master since 1994. His extensive background in the computer field dates back to the 1980's before the birth of the IBM PC. After spending most of his life living in Boston Massachusetts, Vin decided to move to sunny Florida and enjoy the perfect weather conditions, why wait for retirement. There comes a time in life when you have to give back something, hope you enjoy my articles and website

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