Parapsychology: The study of unknown phenomenon

By admin / June 30, 2008
By: Muhammad Umar
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To define parapsychology is never an easy task and most of the problems in this connection have been created by those researchers who expected to make things clear. In most of these definitions negative aspects of parapsychology have been emphasized. These definitions tend to prove what it is not instead of what it is. The absence of essential definition is the basic hurdle that makes parapsychology a less serious study.

Many such psychological phenomenons that cannot be explained by science are covered under the study of Parapsychology. There are many other terms which are interchangeably used with parapsychology like psychic phenomenon, psychical science, paranormal and parapsychical etc. During twentieth century, parapsychology has been used to study such phenomena under scientific study.

Parapsycological phenomena can be divided into three types: Precognition or clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis. Telepathy is considered the ability to communicate information and read other thoughts by the mind power. Precognition or clairvoyance is the ability to know about such events as have not happened yet. And telekinesis is considered the ability to bend and move different objects with the power of mind.

In fact, parapsychological research has its origin in those scientific attempts that were made to investigate the exceptional acts of spiritualists and mediums. Spiritualism is considered closely related to all these three.

A large number of materialistic scientists have sever sort of relation with traditional spiritualists. The spiritualists claim that their doings provide evidence of an afterlife and endless soul while scientists believe that the doings and skills of the spiritualists are actually the result of previously unknown powers of precognition telekinesis and telepathy. The split between hese two is still found even today.

The worth mentioning thing, which makes parapsychology and psychic phenomena difficult to have any research clue, is that all of them are defined in a negative way. They are defined as an ability to do some act or get some knowledge without any scientific laws or resources.

It feels as people are talking about some chemical reaction or about photosynthesis whenever they talk about things occurring because of telepathy or telekinesis. But it is not so as scientists use this instead of saying the above mentioned that the things have happened due to some mechanism that is not known to current science and possibly happened according to the chances of law.

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