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By admin / July 1, 2008
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How to have a great team

a) The team should know what is expected of it: A team can only become effective, when every member of the team knows clearly what is expected from them by the management. The team members should also have the idea why the team was formed. The organisation should be supportive of the team by providing them time, money as well as good team members.

b) The context of the team should be clearly discussed: Before a team is formed all the potential team members should be called in. The management should then clearly discuss the reason behind forming the team. The business strategies which have led the management to form the team should also be mentioned. The team members should know how their performance is related to the revenue generation of the company.

c) Having the commitment: Commitment is an essential factor that makes an effective team. The team members should believe in the mission of the team and cooperate with each other for making the mission successful. They should also have the notion that their service is not only valuable to the organisation, but will also help them in their career enhancement.

d) Team members having equal competence level: Whenever you are planning to built an effective team, then you should pick right individuals. Those who have the knowledge, skill and also capability to handle the project successfully. Try to build the team with the individuals having similar knowledge and skill set. It will increase coordination among the team members.

e) Give the team enough freedom to carry on the project: The key to have and effective team is to give the team the freedom it needs to complete a project. At the same time it is also necessary to let the team members know what their boundary within which they need to perform is. The organisation should also clearly identify the person who will be the authority of the team.

f) There should be communication between the team and the organisation: There should be a method so that the team can give its feedback to the employer directly. They should also have honest feedback from the employers in turn. The team members who perform outstandingly should be rewarded accordingly.

g) The team members should collaborate with each other: To become effective the team members need to always collaborate with each other. They need to constantly communicate interpersonally. The organisation also should furnish important business information regularly to the team.

If all these are followed properly then an effective team can be formed.
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