Discover Happiness as You Become Famous by Morning

By admin / February 9, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
Category: Happiness

Why are some people famous and others unknown? Why are some people poor and others rich? Why are some people happy with what seems like little and others miserable when they seem to have so much?

Before you head off on your quest for fame and publicity, have you really sat down and thought about what you really want? What direction you would like your life to take and who is going to be there, happy to see you, when you complete your journey?

What is your path, your roadmap to wealth and success?

What will fulfill your soul and at the same time give you the success and prosperity you crave?

Time to look at yourself once again and maybe look within yourself at the same time. You are trying to recognize the little hints that your subconscious gives you all the time. The subtle clues of where your positive vibrations lie.

Take a simple trip to a newsstand, what are the first magazines you gravitate towards? What are the topics that make you smile as you flick though the pages, daydream as you read?

Are there things that you do for fun that have your family or friends always saying, "Remember when you did ......, that was so great! You should do that more often"?

Is there something in your life that makes you sing, dance or put a skip in your step?

Be it a hobby, a pastime or even work, what is it that is just a joy and never a chore to do?

Now how can you promote it to others? How can you transmit your positive energy and vibrations to others open and ready to receive them?

How about a daily webcam broadcast showing your excitement and energy for the subject? Write a blog, a newsletter or even a book that can enthrall or inspire readers. Or try painting, sculpting or something musical.

Pure expressions of positive energy and love from your inner being can only ever be beautiful and eagerly received by those on your wavelength.

But most importantly, it needs to be something you desire that compliments feelings from your subconscious.

So search yourself. Discover what will give you satisfaction and inner happiness and only then can you truly enjoy being Famous By Morning!

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