Act Like a Child to Become Famous by Morning

By admin / February 9, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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Remember a time when you did things and didn't care who was around, who saw and what they thought?

You acted crazy and wild. You had dreams and used your imagination freely. You had a goal and a single minded determination to get to what you wanted and no obstacle, person or seemingly insurmountable barrier could stop you.

There were no doubts, guilt or reservations in your mind. Fear was something that didn't stop you but was part of the thrill of the 'ride'.

You weren't weighed down by responsibilities, hamstrung by perceptions or daunted by timelines.

Can you remember those times? Take a moment and think about it. Bring a smile to your face?

If that is you now, congratulations!

But most likely, that was you when you were a child.

You acted on instinct and worried about reprisals (probably from your mother) later. You were silly and loud and didn't care who saw you. The more people who noticed you the better!

Now let's think about the positive aspects of acting like a child and how they can help you on your path to self-promotion and fame.

Focus on the skill to pursue your target or goal and let nothing get in your way. You do not see obstacles or setbacks; you simply see challenges to be overcome and experiences to be had.

This technique enables you to manipulate almost anyone into giving you what you want and to use your sheer persistence to wear them down.

Develop the ability to not be bound by rigid and logical thinking and you can see your way to the end no matter how crazy the path to your goal is.

What I have described here are the aspects of many successful people in all walks of life letting their creative inner voice speak and experiencing the pure joy of life in almost a child like manner.

So next time you are after an idea to self-promotion, clear your mind of all 'adult' distractions. Don't think about how much it's going to cost, what if someone disapproves, will I look like a fool, etc. Do what your primal instincts tell you.

Act like a child and be Famous By Morning!

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