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By admin / April 24, 2012

Many people who seek success or happiness do not take the simplest steps to enable them to achieve their desires. One of the easiest things to do is to surround yourself with people who are already living the life you want.

Success and happiness are things that rub off upon you in a similar way to that which unhappiness and defeat can become contagious. It is therefore eminently sensible for a person to take stock of the people whom they spend time with and ensure as far as possible that they are picking up the right vibes.

This is even true in the online environment, which probably explains why so many Internet would-be entrepreneurs seek to identify who is behind a successful venture and then emulate their techniques. This can be a rather frustrating task for the uninitiated in the Internet world. Many people who would like you to think are successful may not be exactly as they seem, both on and off the Internet.

Whether in the online or the real world it is important to protect yourself from negative vibes and to become a magnet for positivity, happiness and success…unless you prefer to be miserable, that is. One of the ways in which to do this is to take reasonable care to limit the amount of time you spend around negative people or reading/watching/listening to negative "stuff".

Don't allow yourself to become one of those people who think or say, "I'm never lucky". Instead, take immediate and consistent action to put yourself into a position whereby luck has a chance to happen to you. Ensure that you are open to being happy and successful, and closed to unhappiness and defeat.

The states that you are open or closed to are closely tied to your inner beliefs and expectations that inevitably steer your thoughts one way or another. What you think about you tend to become. This is why associating with happy and successful people helps you to be similarly sunny natured and prosperous. As you spend time in their company your own thoughts are inevitably focused in a more consistently positive direction.

As you think of more positive things you feel happier and more successful and in this way open your mind to physical manifestations of these emotions. In addition to surrounding yourself with people who already live the life that you want, you can also take care to get your own mind clearly focused upon your goals.

Your mind might be short-changing you through a lack of clarity in your thinking patterns. It is important for your subconscious and your conscious thought processes to be aligned in their focus.

If you find yourself thinking "I want to be successful and happy" on the one hand but then thinking "but what if it doesn't happen?" on the other hand, then your own mind is unintentionally forming a huge barrier to your happiness and success. When fears, worries or negative expectations dampen your spirits and enthusiasm hypnosis could turn out to be your best "success friend".

Hypnosis allows you to relax and access your inner thought processes. With hypnosis you can align your conscious and subconscious beliefs and expectations and focus your entire mind clearly upon the things that you most desire.

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