How To Fight Your Fears And Defeat Them

By admin / April 26, 2012

Fears have the power to root a person to the spot. Fears are not only frightening, they can be totally debilitating. But there are strategies that you can utilize to enable you to step back and hold steady in the face of things that used to frighten you.

Fears should be treated with respect. Your mind triggers the emotion of fear as a means of alerting you to protect yourself from perceived and potential danger. However, just because your mind has detected what it thinks might be a potential danger, this does not mean that this danger is real. Sometimes our minds act over-zealously when focused upon self-protection.

In view of this, many fears may be rationalized and released, purely by stepping back and looking at matters from a different angle. In many cases you will be aware that you are experiencing the effects of fear in a situation that you consciously know should not be triggering this automatic response.

For example, you might be afraid of having an injection or vaccination. You might get really anxious about taking exams or a driving test. You might be afraid of heights or of flying. Rationally, you know you shouldn’t on balance be afraid...but you are afraid, or even terrified. You will also know that no matter how much you try to rationalize your fears you cannot seem to get your mind around these feelings.

To enable you to step back and release your mental grip upon your fear, hypnosis is extremely helpful. Hypnosis allows you to relax and take a mental step back. Hypnosis also provides an easy way for you to access your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind where instinctive thought patterns and behaviors are stored; the part where your fear triggers are stored.

Thus with hypnosis you are provided with a way in which to unlock those automated reactions to erroneously perceived threat or danger, and relax your responses. You can in this way overcome your fears and respond to situations in a calm and controlled manner. Treating fears with hypnosis is a simple and straightforward process.

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