Dos and Donts of Relationship

By admin / August 28, 2011

Dos are what enhances relationships. Donts are what kill relationships. Our surrounding is made up of different people from different background. Our upbringing, past dating and relationship experiences, etc all moulds our thinking. Even the consequences from our own relationship choices may mould our thinking. As a result, you may develop positive or negatives characteristics from your past relationship experiences. Hence the experiences will become characteristics you will take into the next relationship.

So in effect whether your relationship is going to work or not is predetermined. It all depends on the characteristics you choose to take with you into your relationship. I say this for several reasons. One reason is all human being are capable of changing. As an adult you have a choice in what characteristic you wish to sustain. It is safe to say how you treat your relationship is a choice you make. Assuming your last relationship was a bad experience; learn not to take that experience into your next relationship.

There is a good reason for that. If you want to find that special someone, it is best to introduce positive characteristics into your dating practices. Here is why. The human heart does several things. One of the things it does is it acts as your guide. Your heart, believe it or not is your compass if you wish to be lead to your soulmate. Some relationship experts refer to the heart as spirit, inner guide, conscience and so forth. The true mission of your conscience is to direct and teach truth. When you endeavour to doing things that are right you are in effect following your conscience dictates. Characteristics and habits of those who follow directions from their conscience to acquire meaningful relationships are such as: integrity, harmony, temperance, patience, thankfulness, honesty, joy, love, goodness, forgiveness, humility, respect, trust, understanding etc. I call these characteristics Dos of relationships.

They are qualities that enhance love between man and woman. These qualities predetermine how you will treat your lover. Further more your characteristics also tell your love interest what kind of man or woman you are. Those who are authorities in relationships discovered the collapse of most relationships and marriages are attributed to selfishness. For example, the very moment you decide to enter a relationship just for what you want, you have pre-program the relationship to fail. Why? Because your intention is not about sharing your heart with another person but to get what you want.

Try and have a relationship that is not me, me, me relationship. This way you will have a greater chance of succeeding. What I am sharing with you has been researched and proven to be one of the best ways to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Relationships are about two people. Take into consideration your partners feelings as well as yours. When you decide to enter a relationship with positive characteristics you have pre-program your relationship to work.

Consider the words that represent positive characteristics. Do you notice how they also represent real love? Real love is absolutely needed in relationships. It helps prevent you from emotionally injuring your partner. The best part of it is you will not create a person who becomes male or female basher in case the relationship turns out to be temporal. Fact, if you follow your conscience or inner guide you will be directed away from sparking a dead end relationship. You will be directed to find your soulmate. Human beings were not created to be alone. Neither are we here to have failed relationships. In case you are asking your self, what if I go into a relationship with positive qualities and it does not work? The answer to that is simple.

Remember relationships take two people. You may have good intentions before interring a relationship but your love interest may not. In the event that you missed the directions from your conscience, it is okay. Remember this saying? If at first you dont succeed try again. When you try something and it does not work, there is the likelihood that next time you will use a different approach.

Changing you approach actually puts you in a better position to succeed next time around provided you do not become discourage by giving up. It is very critical you use methods that are proven to work. Finding that special some or your soulmate is actually easier than you thought. I can assure you of that. There are fact base and proven methods you can use to find your soulmate. Never ever allow your self to be part of those who claim finding a perfect companion is hard.

They are people who have given up and want you to become a quitter just like them. Create a mindset that attracts success. Negative thoughts and discouragement leads to failure. Positive thinking attracts success.

Negative characteristics are such as: vindictiveness, discord, contention, dishonesty, pride, hate, faultfinding, envy, gossip, disrespect, lies, unforgiving, impatience, discouragement, selfishness etc. These negatives characteristics are what I call Donts of relationships. They are relationship and marriage killers. They put strain on your relationship and love life. If you are serious about finding that special someone listen and follow your inner guide. Avoid taking negative characteristics into relationship. As a writer and relationship advisor, I try to help my readers by providing free advice on my Website. The site also contains the most powerful relationship secrets ever revealed in an e-book.

Depending on researched and proven facts will help you find that special someone. Even bringing out the best in your dates contribute to helping you succeed. Improve your chances of success by adopting and introduce characteristics that will help enhance your relationship.

To get started, I suggest drawing a straight line on a piece of paper. Above the line you may list the positive words at the beginning of this article. Bellow the line list the negative words that represents negative characteristics. You may choose to include your own words if needed. Now transform the words into action in your mind. Pretend there are two people on either side of you. One is treating you in a matter that represents the words above the line. The second person is treating you in ways that represent the words bellow the line. Assess your feelings as to how you are being treated the two imaginary people.

Eliminate the negative words from your mind. From then on try and follow your inner guide accompanied by the positive words that illustrates positive characteristics. Use it to enhance your relationship, love life or dating habits. Remember if you want relationship that works, if you want to find your soulmate, you must make choices that will lead you to what you are looking for. Your choice of thoughts and actions will achieve their appropriate results.

 Ernest Quansah is a Soulmate Relationship Expert who helps men and women find their true love and create the relationship of their dreams. He is the author of How to Identify Your Soulmate, a love relationship advice manual designed to help people find happiness and fulfillment in their relationships. For more information about his services, please visit

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