Imagination Not Intellect Will Make You Famous by Morning

By admin / February 9, 2009
By: Mark Lewis
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Thinking, it's something we do everyday with every conscious action and decision we make.

Whether it be what to wear, what to buy or where to go for the day, our intellect is obviously a very important aspect of our mind.

So what's the catch? Of course there is one. I knew you could see it coming.

The disadvantage to living life purely on intellect is that it can, and so often is, swayed by internal and external factors that can often complicate what initially seemed to be such an easy choice to make.

Have you ever heard the saying "Your first instinct is often your best"? That's because your subconscious will often come to the fore and make the right choice for you.

Once you start to "think" about a decision or direction with the conscious mind, that is where the opportunity comes for internal factors (thoughts of doubt, fear, anxiety, guilt etc.) and external factors (seemingly well wishing relatives, friends and business acquaintances) come about to sway or alter your previously clear and concise path.

How can you avoid the confusion or distractions that could alter a really good decision for you?

There are a couple of ways that you can develop and in time can become automatic responses. Dispelling the emotions of fear and doubt that were previously dominating too much of your thinking.

One is to recognize the "moment".

This means dispelling thoughts of guilt and doubt because they are things that happened from past experiences. Overlooking feelings of fear and anxiety because those are events that will happen in the future.

Decide what is best for you in the "now" and progress from there.

The other (if you have some time) is to meditate on the problem or issue.

Meditation allows you to shut down your conscious mind and let the subconscious take over for you.

Much like a lawyer might meditate on his brief or an athlete visualizes his performance. Take out the distracting internal and external factors and return to the "stillness" within you.

Allow your imagination, unswayed by emotion, to give you the answer or path you seek.

So next time you have a crazy, wacky and off-beat idea for business or self-promotion, don't be put off by your intellect or rational mind. Return to your essence, your core and find the answer within.

That is the way to become Famous By Morning!

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