Coaches, Are You Getting Results From Your Newsletter?

By admin / October 7, 2007
By: Biana Babinsky
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Are you a coach? Are you getting results from your coaching newsletter? By results I mean newsletter coaching clients, teleseminar participants and ebook buyers.

Many coaches hire me because their online newsletter is not getting them clients and teleseminar participants. I have seen many coaches spend a lot of time on writing their newsletters, but they are still not getting the results that they want. They are not getting clients, e-book sales and people to attend their teleseminars.

If this sounds like you, I can help! Take a look at this plan to determine why your newsletter is not bringing in the results that you want:

- Your newsletter subscriber list is not targeted at all. Many coaches have heard that the larger your e-mail list is, the better results it can bring. Therefore, they promote their newsletter list everywhere and invite everyone they meet to subscribe to it.

You can get more people by inviting everyone you know to subscribe, but if the subscribers on your newsletter list are not targeted, you will not get results by sending your newsletter to this list. To get clients and buyers from your list, subscribers on your list have to be members of your target market.

- You don't send your newsletter to your subscribers often enough. To get the best results from your subscriber list, your subscribers have to hear from you often. This way your subscribers get to know you better and better every time they hear from you.

I recommend that you publish your newsletter on a regular basis. This is the most effective way to get your subscribers to get to know you, your business and your offerings. People buy from people they know. When you publish your newsletter on a regular basis you help your subscribers to get to know you better.

- Your newsletter list is simply not large enough. If you are already doing everything right, including getting targeted newsletter subscribers and publishing an interesting newsletter on a regular basis, and you are not getting results that you want, this is because your e-mail list is not large enough.

You should remember that not everyone on your newsletter list is going to become your client. You need to have a large enough list so that even if only 2-8% of your newsletter subscribers buy from you, you can still get sales on a regular basis. Make sure that you grow your list every day. Working on getting newsletter subscribers every day will help you get results from your newsletter.

Your list needs to be targeted and large and you need to publish your newsletter on a regular basis to get results.

Biana Babinsky is the online business expert who teaches coaches how to build their newsletter list and use it to get clients. Learn how to get more newsletter subscribers with the 5 Steps To Growing Your List Home Study Guide available at

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