Some Times You Just Have To Persevere

By admin / March 6, 2012

Perseverance pays off, big time. But it can be difficult to expend a lot of energy in the pursuit of something that is not obviously going to reap real benefits. Perseverance entails determination; determination to win, determination to succeed and determination to not be fobbed off.

Ironically enough, determination itself has the power to make you succeed. The more determined you are the more likely you are to succeed. No matter what goals you are in pursuit of, there will inevitably be obstacles placed in your path. You have the power to choose to turn tail and flee, to make a half-hearted attempt to overcome them or to don your armor and fight to win.

Inevitably one tends to do a little calculation whilst deciding how to respond to such obstacles. You do a little cost-benefit analysis in your head whist deciding if it’s worth the effort, worth the fight. The beneficial value of winning is more than simply monetary; it involves peace of mind, a sense of achievement, the desire for recognition or perhaps to just plain prove a point.

I have had a recent situation that required a great deal of time and perseverance to get anywhere. Here's the scenario. A call account I used online got hacked into. The perpetrator of the fraud used up the credit that was available and triggered several automatic re-credits before I realized that someone else was using my account.

I immediately deleted the card details from that account, changed the password and alerted the merchant as to the happening. I checked that my credit card details themselves hadn't been accessed and determined that there was no need to cancel the card itself.

The merchant's response was to tell me to change my password and not give it to other people. I explained that I had done that but what about a refund? They couldn't help. What about catching the fraudster, I asked? Not interested was the essence of the reply.

The credit card company's response was that they couldn't even send a form to me to start a claim until the amounts had cleared, several days later. Their subsequent response was that the merchant wasn't at fault because it was clear that I hadn't cancelled the card and therefore it was still in my possession and nobody else could have used it. I was incensed!

If I wasn't determined to win my corner before, I certainly was at that point. My card company had rolled over and given up at the first nonsensical reply from the merchant and I told them so. With a little more perseverance and determination I have now gotten a full refund.

Sadly, nobody seems at all interested in pursuing the fraudster. I have informed the local Police but their hands are tied. The Police in the country where the fraud was perpetrated need to be informed, but where exactly is that in the online world? The merchant has no doubt considered their own cost-benefit analysis and decided it's not worth their money to pursue. Yet surely that's not the point?

Perseverance and determination are intertwined and interlinked. If you ask any successful person what the key ingredients were en route to their goals they will all itemize perseverance at or near to the top of their list.

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